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Open Call: International drawing contest in favor of animal welfare

Faustino Salcedo | Aug 27, 2012

40 pieces from around the world will be selected to be diffused on an international scale.

Lately, there has been a massive approach in creating a conscience in people regarding the subject of animal protection and welfare with different activities. Such is the case of the drawing contest “DUBA Cartoon” in honor of the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare (DUBA in Spanish), which has extended its inscriptions up until September the 15th. This is being promoted by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

The “DUBA cartoon” contest is an international cartoon show that was created in order to promote to people and governmental officials the importance of a Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare (DUBA) on a global level. This contest will be held in different countries around the world and Nicaragua is amongst them.

The pieces that participate must comply under the DUBA theme and under humoristic formats: whether they be a humoristic cartoon or a comic book with no text in it. The best pieces will be selected for a catalog containing 40 images that will be selected by a cartoon specialized jury. These will be diffused worldwide.

The contest’s inscriptions have a due date of Sunday, September 15th. Anyone interested in the subject can participate. In order to register, you must log into DUBA Cartoon website where you will find the rules for the contest and the inscription page. Each competitor can upload a maximum of 3 pieces of no more tan 2 MB in JPG format.

123 plays from different countries like Lithuania, Argentina, Iran, Norway, Spain, Sudan, Costa Rica among others have already been signed up for the contests. A physical copy of their pieces will be handed out to those chosen and different activities will take place where their work will be shown in exhibitions.

The inscription site to join the contest is: Available in English and in Spanish. For more information, visit the website of WSPA or write to their email address:

Translated by Paola Larrabure