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Opening of the exhibition "A tres Bandas"

Faustino Salcedo | Aug 29, 2012

Marimba, instrument that will be showed during the exhibition. | Photographer: CCEN

A tour of Latin American folk music through different audiovisual materials.

The journey through Latin American music implies getting acquainted with Native American rhythms, African and European influences and sounds like salsa, cumbia and merengue. All of these rhythms will be present at the "A Tres Bandas: Mestizaje, sincretismo e hibridación en el espacio sonoro hispanoamericano (s. XVI-s. XX)" (To Three Bands: Miscegenation, syncretism and hybridization in the sound space of Hispanic America) exhibition. The event's opening will be held this Thursday, August, 30th and will stay open until October the 19th. This event is conducted by the Spanish Cultural Action (AC/E) and The Spanish Cultural Center in (CCEN).

The exhibition: "A tres bandas", provides a visual and audible intake through the native, Hispanic and African cultural roots of Latin American music through audiovisual materials and instruments proper of these three cultures. It is a museum-graphic project conducted by Enrique Bordes and directed by Natalia Melendez. It was conducted for the first time in Medellin, Colombia and since then, it has been replicated in Guatemala, Spain and El Salvador.

Albert Recasens, museographer and curator of the exhibition said in an interview with that: “This exhibition has an innovative museum-ish concept which aims to make the audience feel the music.’’ Recasens also said that this event is one of a kind in its gender and that it states a clear message about becoming aware of the enriched rhythms of traditional Latin American music.

The event´s grand opening will take place on Thursday, august 30th at 7:00 pm in CCEN, Managua and will be open to the public for free until October the 19th, Mondays through Fridays from 10:00am to 6:00pm. The audience will be able to enjoy samples of videos about the diverse musical rhythms that will be exhibited there.

Recasens also reported that for this exhibition, a catalog that includes studies conducted by specialist on all of the musical rhythms present in Latin America was made. According to Eliett Cabezas, the Communications Director of CCEN, the catalog will be donated to the National Music Conservatory and it will also be available for the public's view

Translated by Paola Larraburre