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Preparations of the Tribute Concert for Ricardo Palma

Róger Solórzano Canales | Sep 6, 2012

Ricardo Palma during the press conference about the concert tribute. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

A night that pays tribute to an icon of the rock genre in Nicaragua will be held this coming November.

A crowd of musicians and arrangers of different generations have already started to work on the “Ricardo Palma, a tribute to the rock legend", concert which will pay tribute to this Nicaraguan artist who has several decades of experience and diverse musical compositions. The Rubén Darío Theater will be in charge of the production of this concert and will also serve as the stage of the event that will take place on November the 21st of this year.

"This to me is so unexpected. I have always thought that I have not done enough to deserve such a tribute and I still do not believe it,” said the artist during a press conference held for the announcement of the concert. “It’s exciting. I won’t cry about it, it’s unlike me to do so and it makes me look funny,” the artist added with a smile.

Ramon Rodriguez, director of the National Theatre and the Camerata Bach said it will be a colossal concert from the musical point of view because of the involvement of many musicians in the arrangement, interpretation and musical accompaniment of such. He also pointed out that the date chosen will also serve as a celebration of the International Musician Day that will take place on the day following the concert. An encore presentation of the concert is also contemplated if the audience requests it on the very next day.

The event is still in the making. Donaldo Aguirre, sub-Artistic Director of the National Theatre, said that they have gone ahead and announced the concert in advanced because the show promises to be a fist class event and the urge to make it know could not be withstood. He added that a documentary on the life of Ricardo Palma will also be produced at the same time to be released on the day of the concert. A DVD will also be recorded of the event to be distributed commercially to the public after the event, profiting the artist

Ricardo Palma is well known in the field of rock, both at domestically and abroad. He was a young bohemian artistic icon of the old Managua, before the 1972 earthquake hit the city. The artist has written a lot of songs throughout his career that are not well known along with his excellent interpretation of classic rock song. Songs like “El solitario”, “Polvito de sol”, “Corazón en llamas”, “Muchacha” y “Morena” are part of his vast repertoire of his own creation.

During the event, performers chosen by the honoree will sing his songs that will be previously arranged by a select group the country's finest musicians arrangers. Camerata Bach, Jazz Ta, and a crowd of instrumentalist of different generations will be joining the artist that night. The ticket prices will be very reasonable and will not exceed C$250, said the director of the National Theatre.

Translated by Paola Larrabure