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National Convention on World Tourisms Day

Faustino Salcedo | Oct 1, 2012

Model of geothermal plant, exposed during energy fair. | Photographer: Faustino Salcedo

There were talks about tourism, renewable energy use and environmental care.

Once again, the peaceful small town of San Carlos, Rio San Juan, was interrupted for all the visitors that came from different parts of the country due to the celebration of World Tourism Day, on Thursday September 27th. The activities were extended until Saturday 29th, and revolved around the theme "Tourism and Sustainable Energy".

The celebration of World Tourism Day is done since 1980. During this day, conventions are held in different countries. In Nicaragua, the National Tourism Convention was held in San Carlos and was organized by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR) in cooperation with the Tourism Commission of the National Assembly.

Opening ceremony and side activities

On Thursday September 27th, several activities took place at the city pier. Among them was a small exhibition on renewable energy and energy resources. Few people attended to this activity; however, the speakers performed an excellent job inviting the public to make use of cleaner energy, explaining recycling methods and offering items made ​​from plastic bottles.

Then, a welcome speech was made at the Fortress of San Carlos, a former colonial military fort now used as a historical reference and convention center. In this activity Mayra Salinas, vice president of INTUR presented projects being undertaken with the Ministry of Energy (MEM) and Mines, to promote a cleaner and more economic tourism. Salinas said that there will be training in conjunction with the MEM-hoteliers and tourism entrepreneurs on energy savings.

The mayor of San Carlos, Jhonny Gutierrez spoke about the developments in the city, and made a reflection about the problems of drinking water that exist nowadays. Gutierrez explain that the city already has a water treatment plant, which was supervised by the Nicaraguan Aqueduct and Sewer ENACAL, who concluded that in 2017 the waters of Lake Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua ) may be of use in the city to drink.

The official presentation of World Tourism Day was during the afternoon. On this event, bands from two public schools participate. At night the Ballet Folklorico from Jinotepe, Carazo made its presentation.
On Friday September 28th, 200 students from across the country attended to the all day convention. The event was chaired by the Tourism Commission of the National Assembly. During the convention issues such as environmental laws, the use of renewable energy and water treatment were discussed.
At the promised activities could not be performed. Only the band ‘’Rockonola’’ from Masatepe made its presentation at night. Locals from San Carlos didn’t attend this activity. Most of the attendees were tourists coming from Managua and other cities of Nicaragua. The ceremony ended with the invitation to work for a tourism concerned and responsible for the local and international environment.

Cultural presentations during the official act

Translated by Cynthia Cordero