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XII International Guitar Festival

Róger Solórzano Canales | Oct 24, 2012

Guitar, singing and orchestra concerts will take place in several cities from the Pacific and North region.

Artists from 5 different countries are going to participate on the free guitar concerts that will be presented to the public in different cities during the International Guitar Festival, held this year in two stages starting from next Tuesday, October 30th, until Saturday November 10th. Concerts will include classical guitar, folk, jazz, polkas, mazurkas and more.

Over 70 music artists will be involved on the presentations: 5 of them are international guitarists from Cuba, Costa Rica and Spain, 20 Nicaraguans guitarists, plus the accompaniment of UNAN’s Chamber Orchestra and the National Orchestra of Nicaragua. Kohinata Sumie, a Japanese pianist, will also be part of the presentations.

This year the festival is nearing its 12th edition, and will be in tribute to the guitarist and professor Pepe Rubens "for his years of teaching," cites a press release of the event. Festival director, Julio Vásquez, said that for the first time this event will also take place in cities like Matagalpa and Masaya. He also pointed out the premiere concert for guitar and orchestra in Nicaragua "The concert of the islands", by the composer (and participant) Spanish-Cuban Rafael Guedes.

The festival will be divided into two parts due to the municipal elections in the country in early November. The opening concert will be held in the Blue Hall of the National Palace of Culture (Managua), starting at 3 pm on Tuesday, October 30th. The first part will continue concerts in Masaya, Jinotepe, Granada and Matagalpa until Thursday, November 1st.

The second part will begin on Wednesday, November 7th in Masaya, and will continue with concerts in Managua and Estelí, closing with the last concert on Saturday, November 10th in the German-Nicaraguan Library, also located in Managua. During the closing concert, all the guest musicians will participate.

This is the official Schedule:

October 3th – November 1st

Tuesday, October 3th
Managua. 3:00 p.m. – Blue Hall, National Culture Palace.
Young talented guitarists in tribute to Pepe Rubens
Javier Moya, Katherin Argüello, Ivan Aguilar, Guitar Orchestra, Elementary Level – National Music School.

Masaya, 7:00 p.m. – La Reforma Mormon Auditorium
Roger García: Nicaragua
Two for jazz: Costa Rica
Elvis Bendaña: Nicaragua

Wednesday, October 31st
Jinotepe, 2:00 pm – Campus UNAN
Ivan Aguilar: Nicaragua
Two for jazz: Costa Rica
Elvis Bendaña: Nicaragua
Julio Vásquez: Nicaragua

Granada 7:00 pm – Casa de los 3 mundos
Guitar and singing
Two for jazz: Costa Rica
Emilio Oviedo: España
Guitar trio MP3: Nicaragua

  • note: this is the only concert with an entry cost: C$30.00

Thursday, November 1st
Matagalpa, 4:00 pm – Campus UNAN
Guitar and orchestra
Ivan aguilar: Nicaragua
Two for jazz: Costa Rica
Elvis Bendaña: Nicaragua

November 7th – November 10th

Wednesday, November 7th
Masaya - La Reforma Mormon Auditorium
Guitar and orchestra
Rafael Guedes: Cuba/Spain
Julio Vásquez: Nicaragua
Aldo Rodríguez: Cuba

Thursday, November 8th
Managua, 7:00 pm – Spain Cultural
Center in Nicaragua
Guitar and orchestra
Rafael Guedes: Spain/Cuba
Julio Vásquez: Nicaragua
Aldo Rodríguez: Cuba

Friday, November 9th
Estelí, 7:00 pm – Municipality of
Rafael Guedes: Spain/Cuba
Julio Vásquez: Nicaragua
Aldo Rodríguez: Cuba

Saturday, November 10th
Managua, 6:00 pm - German-Nicaraguan Library
Closing concert
All the participants

Translated by Cynthia Cordero