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Advances in security and touristic training in Granada

Ariadna Ramos | Oct 25, 2012

Advances presentation show in Granada | Photographer: Ariadna Ramos

National Police and INTUR presented recent achievements: a sub-police station and training for tour guides.

The city of Granada took a step forward on public safety and tourist service. On October 17th the ‘’Tourist Safety Plan’’ was presented with the new group of tourist guides.The event was held at the San Francisco Convent Cultural Centre and was attended by directors of the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR), the National Police and the Municipality.

The tourism security plan covers multiple issues. One is to deal with complaints from people who report crimes in a specialized police sub-station. Another is to neutralize sexual exploitation of children and youngsters, since in Granada human trafficking has been increasing, according to police. And also, try to reduce organized crime that is happening lately in that city

To create a basis for action, the plan includes the activation of the Police sub-station located in the tourist center on Cocibolca Lake, where officers will have the necessary equipment to do their job, such as motorcycles, trucks, bicycles and more. This location is already working, although the building still needs to be remodeled, said Lt. Amaru Alfaro, head of the sub-station. 5 police forces and 10 auxiliary police officers are already operating there, to work directly in the town of Granada.

New trained touristic guides

During the event, the new training process for tourist guides in town, developed by INTUR, was announced. It consists of a course started three months ago, involving "cocheros" (drivers of tourist carriages), "boatmen" (drivers of the boats that offer tours in the islets), and guides untrained. Some of the training seeks to prepare the participants so they can offer information about the flora and fauna to visitors.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero