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Nicaragua Biker Fest 2013

Róger Solórzano Canales | Feb 7, 2013

Bikers of the Central American region and Mexico will meet in Estelí, Managua and Granada.

Starting today, the Nicaragua Biker Fest 2013 will gather in the country around 400 bikers and hosts from Panamá, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. The event organizers revealed that there will be exhibitions, social encounters, concerts and parties at night in the cities of Estelí, Managua and Granada.

The international guests will arrive this afternoon to the country and welcome activities will take part. The fellow countries of the South will come together in Antigua Bar in Managua, where a free rock concert will be given. On the other hand, the countries of the North will reunite in the Sabrosón Bar at Estelí, with an after party in the Sky 44 discotheque.

On Friday, February 8, all the bikers will organize a caravan in Managua at 7 PM. This activity will start in the Holiday Inn Hotel and will end up at El Chamán discotheque, where you will be able to see demonstrations of high cylindered bikes, a show of bodypaint models and a rock concert. The entrance fee is C$200.

On the next day, the last date of the Biker Fest, the motorcyclists will organize another caravan from Managua to Granada. The reunion in Managua will be at 2 PM in the UNO gas station located in the 9 ½ km in the Masaya highway. At Granada the gather is in La Calzada street where exchanges and demonstrations will take place.

An interesting fact is that part of the raised funds of the event will be given to the orphanage Casa Cuna Hogar Juan Pablo II, located in Managua: Semáforos de la 27 de Mayo, 2 cuadras al Este, ½ cuadra al Norte.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili