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Succesful MTB Challenge Datanli El Diablo in Jinotega

Róger Solórzano Canales | Mar 12, 2013

Organizers and winners of the MTB Challenge Datanli El Diablo. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

Over 100 ryders, among beginners and professional club members, participated on the challenge.

The winners of the different categories of the cycling race MTB Challenge Datanli El Diablo were presented and awarded yesterday at Managua by the event oganizers during a press conference, where also was announced the upcoming Northern Paddle Challenge in Apanas Lake (May, 2013). The MTB Challenge took place at the Jinotega mountains on March 2, 2013 with the main purpose of draw all the attention to the touristic potential of the Northern area of Nicaragua.

On the first Saturday morning of March, 102 competitors and other 12 unregistered enthusiasts were ready to begin with the race in the center of the city of Jinotega. From this spot, the 4 most demanding categories started their 49 miles journey. The other 4 categories were transferred by bus a few miles ahead to only travel 31 miles. The route was diverse, among roads, city streets, mountain roads, trails on the Apanas Lake shores, coffee farms, villages and the forests of the Natural Reserve Datanli El Diablo.

Here: photo gallery of the event.

Hours of physical demand and beautiful landscapes

Everth Gutiérrez, absolute winner of the challenge, reached the goal in Jinotega center city with a total of 4 hours 19 minutes and 44 seconds. This ryder is from Managua and is member of the Forza team. Everth told us that this was the hardest competition in which he has participated so far, both national and international. His prize was $1,000 plus other royalties from sponsors.

The winners who attended the press conference agreed that the event was one of a kind thanks to the panoramic views, the demanding field, a good organization, the excellent assistance every 12 miles and the connection with a new and attractive destination in Nicaragua.

  • "I am very pleased and I hope to return next year. The field is very nice, was my first time in Jinotega": Cal Stubner, United States, Master C category winner.
  • "A really nice and well selected field": Ivan Barba, Matagalpa, Open category winner.
  • "The views were very good, and we had good assistance": Halima Jimenez, Managua, Female category winner.

Success: Declare the organizers

The final results of the event satisfied the organizers. This initiative organized by various local companies, led by Apanas Tour and Soda El Tico, along with the Nicaraguan Tourism portal, seeks to attract environmentally friendly tourism to the North of the country. Zenayda Laguna, Executive Director of the National Chamber of tourism (CANATUR), entity that accompanied the event mentioned that “Jinotega had a full weekend, with all its hotel rooms taken and many active days in the restaurants.”

Róger Solórzano Gaitán, President of, highlighted the activation of the online registration system developed for the event through the portal. More than 10% of the participants, among Nationals and foreigners, registered through the online system.

Benjamín Zeledón, third place winner of the Master A category and one of the persons who registered online assured: “This system is really good to make your reservation on time, guarantee your spot and feel less stressed. It was the first time I ever made a registration online, and I did it because it made me confidence to know that some bussiness were creating the event and if something happened I could directly contact Everything was fine, they gave me a register code and a registration e-mail was sent to me, that is why I felt safe.”

Roberto Matus, director of the program on Conservation and Sustainable Tourism funded by USAID, principal sponsor of the event, said that the objectives were overcome. "It was a challenge for the cyclists and the organizers. I can see the pride, the energy of the Nicaraguans who have organized and planted the seed.”

Paddles at the Apanás Lake

The event makers, organized in the initiative "VerdEventos", had announced the next touristic ecological challenge in the North of Nicaragua. Elida Jimenez, owner of Soda El Tico, explained that a paddle and kayak competition will be held in the Apanas Lake on May 3, 4 and 5, coinciding with the popular festivities of Santa Cruz in Jinotega.

Elida also assured that Jinotega is “a destination that does not envy anything from the traditional sun and sand tourism”. For the Apanas event they are expecting more competitors with their families and more public that will be able to appreciate the beautiful views and enjoy the activities offered in Jinotega and the North of Nicaragua.

MTB Challenge First places:

  • Elite Category: Evert Gutiérrez
  • Open Category: Iván Barba
  • Máster A Category: Ramón Delgado
  • Máster B Category: Billy Molina
  • Máster C Category: Cal Stuebner
  • Female Category: Halima Jiménez
  • Beginners Category: Walter Fonseca
  • Cyclo Tourist: No names