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Homage to Tino López Guerra | Oct 10, 2006

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Tomorrow, Wednesday October 11th, the great Nicaraguan composer Tino López Guerra (1906-1967) will be honored during an event organized by the Nicaraguan Cultural Institute and the City Hall of Managua. During this events his ashes will be received at the National Palace of Culture and there will be continuous concerts in his honor.

The ash of this illustrious composer and his wife will be received at 9 AM the Blue Salon of the Palace of Culture. At 10 AM of the next day the ash will be moved to the historical cemetery 'San Pedro' in Managua, located in front of the INSS building.

Tino López Guerra was born in Chinandega on June 20, 1906, and with his artistic talents he has made important contributions to the national music with songs like "Tres flores para tí”, “¡Viva León, jodido!”, “Nicaragua Mía”, “Chinandega”, “Granada de Nicaragua”, “Vigen de Fátima” and a work dedicated to the southern neighbor of Nicaragua: "Mi linda Costa Rica". The composer died on July 19, 1967.

Currently the program consists of the following events (there are still several artists expected to be added):

09:00 AM: The homage is initiated by the National Orchestra and a funeral march.
10:00 AM: Jazz Melody (jazz duo)
10:30 AM: Grupo de Mariachi
11.00 AM: Camerata Bach
01:00 PM: Los Hijos del Son
02:00 PM: Banda Taurina “Amigos”
03:00 PM: Banda Municipal, Mangua City Hall band
04:00 PM: Keyla Rodríguez
05:00 PM: Evelyn Martínez
06:00 PM: Jorge Isaac Carballo
07:00 PM: National Choir