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Agreement between Nicaragua and Holland will improve tourism

Róger Solórzano Canales | Apr 8, 2013

Conference during the agreements signature. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

Institutions and organizations of both countries signed a cooperation and negotiation agreement.

Those Nicaraguan municipalities twinned with Dutch cities will receive funds for the improvement of touristic business and its infrastructure, due to an agreement that involves cooperation and entrepreneurial approach. This covenant was signed last April 6 by the National Council of Twin Cities Holland-Nicaragua (Dutch entity with initials LBSNN) and different Nicaraguan institutes.

Julinda Tellez
During the conference presentation and the agreement sign held in Managua, the plans for the municipality of San Marcos (Carazo) were explained. San Marcos has relations with the Dutch village of Helmond. In the first stage, a $ 100,500 dollar funding will be determined for the development of small and individual touristic projects and some structural improvements. According with the San Marcos' Mayor, Julinda Tellez, a 60% of the finance will be donated by LBSNN and the difference is provided by the city hall and other national organizations.

As well, funds will be designated for docks, signs and streets improvements in the city of El Rama (South Caribbean), which is twinned with the city of Maastricht. This information was provided by the coach manager Leyla Ortiz to the Nicaraguan newspaper “El Nuevo Diario”. Information about the concrete plans for the other involved regions are still unknown.

The Agreement stems from the association accord between the European Union and Central America, signed and ratified by Nicaragua in October 2012. This recent convenant is established among LBSNN -Holland- and the national organizations of ProNicaragua Agency, Asociación de Productores y Exportadores de Nicaragua (APEN) and the Centro de Inversiones y Exportaciones de Nicaragua (CEI). The tourism progression through cooperation is a component included in the agreement, as well as the attention to potential Dutch investors, the commercial insights in exports and imports, and contacts facilitation between companies from both countries.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili