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Movie "Children of the Sun" ends filming in Ometepe.

Róger Solórzano Canales | Apr 25, 2013

Mayra Salinas from INTUR with Jacobo Rispa and Grace González. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

International production will begin the post – production phase and will be released in October.

“Ometepe is a wonderful pattern. Wherever the camera is placed, there will be always something attractive to shoot. People have been amazing; for everything the answer was yes, we never lacked collaboration” said the Spanish filmmaker Jacobo Rispa and director of the international movie “Children of the Sun" (Los hijos del sol). The filming recently concluded in Ometepe Island and its national and international premiere is expected among September – October of this year.

The movie's plot is a mix of action, fiction, suspense and mistery: Sara Mendonza, a young Ometepina girl who lives in United States finds out about her sister's disappearance in her native land. On her comeback to the island, a series of events, elements and signs of a new civilization begin to create the unexpected end of this story.

Jacobo Rispa
The production team just finished all the filming on the island after 6 continuous weeks of work between March and April. According to Jacobo Rispa, they will keep filming on Miami and New York to shoot the beginning of the story. At the moment, music background is being composed in Spain, some sounds in Nicaragua and visual effects in United States.

The movie is being filmed in English to capture more international audience, however, it will be translated to Spanish and voiced by the same actors for the Latin American and Spanish public. Grace González, film co – producer and InVitro Productions representative, stated that Children of the Sun is a Nicaraguan–Spanish- American co- production that involved 98 people among technicians, actors and local extras.

Hugo Hernandez

“Children of the Sun” will be shown in Nicaragua and the intention to make a per-released in Ometepe remains, according to the direction team. The project can receive approximately $ 400,000 investment thanks to the support of different national and international organizations, enterprises and institutions.

The main character is played by the Colombian actress Vivi Pineda. Also, the film has intervention of Nicaraguan actors like Hugo Hernández Oviedo, Guadalupe Hernández, Miriam Benard and Ariel Aguirre. The director, Jacobo Rispa, has an extensive career in television and film, and won the Spanish award Goya in 2000.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili