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Third Caribbean Show Africanto

Róger Solórzano Canales | Apr 30, 2013

Organizers and professor Ernan Savery Harryson. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

Music and dances performed by Creole, Miskito and Mestizo artists on 3 and 4 May.

This Friday, May 3, a diversified artistic sample of the Nicaraguan Multicultural Caribbean will be held at Rubén Darío National Theater – Managua-, during the third edition of the “Africanto” show. The spectacle is annually organized to make a national promotion of the creative expressions of the Caribbean region.

For this year, the traditional May Pole dance group from Beholden neighborhood of Bluefields and the instrumental complement of an orchestra will participate. As well, Phillip Montalbán, Anthony Mathews, Mario Montenegro, Ángela Brooks, the National Choir, Raymond Myers, Jazz Ta band, Paulino Ingram and Sir Wally will delight the audience with their performances. The Caribbean musician raised in United States, Randall Watson, has sent an “opening” for stating the show.

Besides the dance group collaboration, the distinguished dancer Gloria Bacon and Jared Brown will be participating. The show will include Miskitas and reggaeton dancers. The National Ballet School will carry out a fusion choreography with the musical piece sent by Watson.

Savery Honored

Professor Ernan Savery Harryson
The professor Ernan Savery Harryson (Bluefields, 1949), a great erudite of the Caribbean Musical Culture in Nicaragua, stated with a smile in his face: “I was still in bed when Phillip Montalbán called me to let me know that a was going to be Honored with Africanto”.

Music Teacher, natural instrument player, researcher, creator of an academic material and prominent musician, the professor Savery Harryson is a great technical writer of ethnic-musicology and founder of the Academy of Excellence in Pearl Lagoon.

In addition to event for this Friday (May 3) at the National Theater, the May Pole dance group from Bluefields and some musicians will make a presentation at Salvador Allende Port (Managua), on Saturday, May 4 at 4 PM. The port is located adjacent to the city Malecon.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili