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Kayak and Rowing Challenge in Apanás Lake

Redacción ViaNica | May 2, 2013

Open competition in multiple categories for nationals and foreigners in the North of Nicaragua.

Amateur and competitive water sports enthusiasts can participate at the Apanás Kayak and Rowing Challenge. The event will begin at 8 AM next Saturday, May 4 in the touristic boardwalk of the Sisle community, at the Apanás Lake shores. The competition is part of the Santa Cruz festivities in Jinotega and is the second activity performed by VerdEventos.

The Challenge is a family friendly event due to the environment prepared by the organizers and people from the Sisle rural community. It will be a great opportunity to gather among nature, culture and explore the amazing lake in a boat tour available for visitants. As well, Nicaraguan Rowing Federation (FENIREMO) will offer Olympic rowing demonstrations and oversees the competition.

VerdEventos is directed by Apanas Tours and Soda El Tico, among These business are supported by the Nicaraguan Tourism Board (INTUR) and the Preservation and Sustainable Tourism Project from the American cooperation (USAID), main sponsor of the event and managed by FHI360°.

Challenge purpose: Draw attention from nationals and foreigners visitants to the North area of Nicaragua and create a low impact interaction with nature. The first activity developed by VerdEventos was MTB Challenge Datanlí El Diablo on March 2 in Jinotega.

How to participate:

To involve all kinds of enthusiasts, 7 categories have been presented. For the top three places, cash prices will be given. Interested people can register at the authorized places located in different parts of the country or online registration in More details below.

Once the registration is made, competitors must be present on Saturday, May 4 at 8 AM in Sisle's Touristic boardwalk, located 16 miles away from the city of Jinotega (see map below). Participants have to check in with organizers and wait for their turn to participate on both qualifying and final hit.

Categories are:

  • Style: Individual Rowing 1,500 mts. Category: Male. Age: 19 years old or more.
  • Style: Individual 1,500 mts. Category: Juvenile – Ages: 14 to 18.
  • Style: Individual Rowing 1,500 mts. Category: Female Free Style
  • Style: Double Rowing 1,500 mts. Category: Male Free Style
  • Style: Individual Kayak 750 mts. Category: Male Free Style
  • Style: Individual Kayak 750 mts. Category: Female Free Style
  • Style: Double Kayak 750 mts. Category: Male Free Style
  • Style: Double Kayak (both genders) 750 mts. Category: Free Style

Prizes range are between C$3000 - C$1000 córdobas and vary according category and position.


For each competitor, registration coast C$50 córdobas or US$2 dollars (online registration). Prices include participation, beverages and lunch. Also, guarantees the canoes usage for rowing competition. Some kayaks will be reserved for the first competitors and others will be rented for those who can not bring their own kayak. Any national or foreigner, older than 13 years old, can participate.

To make an online registration you must fill the registration form. Payment is made with credit or debit card.

Registrations can be made in the following places:
Managua CANATUR: Restaurante La Marseillaise, 50 mts. al este, Edificio de la Cámara Española de Comercio. (505) 2270 2587.
Managua CANATUR: La Marseillaise Restaurant, 50 mts. al este, Edificio de la Cámara Española de Comercio. (505) 2270 2587.
Granada INTUR: Esquina Opuesta a Iglesia San Francisco.
Teléfonos: (505) 2552 6858.
San Jorge Centro de Información Turística: ubicado en la portuaria San Jorge, Rivas. Teléfono: (505) 2625 1927. Horario de Atención: lunes a sábado, de 8:00 am a 5:00 pm.
Jinotega: Apanás Tours: Gasolinera Uno 3 C ½ al Norte Teléfonos: (505) 8403 4617, (505) 8527 8362.

Location and event
Sisle is a rural community in Jinotega and its touristic boardwalk located at the shores of Apanas lake has a dock and new touristic facilities where visitors would be able to enjoy a good beverage, nice barbecues, cultural activities, volleyball and football games and boat tours around the lake.

The community is located 16 miles away from the city of Jinotega. You reach to Km 178 of Jinotega – San Rafael del Norte highway, then turn East and finally continue 5 more miles. To get to the boardwalk, buses from Jinotega city will be available. Transfer price: C$25. For more transport information contact Apanás Tour (505) 8403 4617.

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Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili