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Caribbean May at Alianza Francesa

Róger Solórzano Canales | May 7, 2013

Part of the poster with Caribbean May agenda.

Different Creole and Miskito cultural manifestations during May in the city of Managua.

Artistic and traditional expressions of the Caribbean culture in Nicaragua -especially of ethnic groups Creole and Miskito- will be shown at Alianza Francesa during May as a celebration of the Caribbean Coast Festival. Organizers stated that paintings, murals, movies, poetry, scientific discussions, gastronomy and traditional music will be part of the event.

The activity seeks to attract public from the Pacific zone into the Caribbean culture, as well as reconnect Caribbean inhabitants established in Managua or nearby cities with their roots. In addition, the event is a space to promote the indigenous ethnic groups and African descendant worldview. Organized by Alianza Francesa, the Foundation for Unity and Reconstruction of the Atlantic Coast (FURCA), and with the support from the Embassy of France and private sponsors. The event will repeated every year, stated Antoine Joly, French Ambassador.


Graphic arts: Activities begin today, Tuesday, May 7. “Colores de Mayo” exposition will be launched at 7 PM. Works from plastic artists such as Augusto Silva, Tito Chamorro, Nydia Taylor and Karen Spencer will be exhibit. On May 23, a mural made by the Murales RAAS collective will be shown.

Movies: Three free screenings and forums are open to the public and will be held at 7 PM. The following films will be presented: On May 15, from Fernando Somarriba “Wanki Lupia Nani” (Children of the river); On May 29, Luna Films production “The black creoles” and on May 30, a documentary over little France (“Francia Sirpi”) by Jean-Marie Collombon.

Poetry and discussion: On Thursday, May 16 the FURCA exposition “Rescue and preservation of the Miskito Indigenous Culture in Nicaragua” and an introduction to their native language will be shown at 7 PM. Following two nights of Caribbean poetry with participants: Erna Narciso, Isis Álvarez, Suyén Bolaños, Victor Obando, Eddy Alemán and Franklin Brooks will be presented on May 23 at Managua and May 24 in the city of León.

Gastronomy and other arts: On Saturday, May 8 a traditional Caribbean culinary presentation including wabul, pan de coco (coconut bread), patí, auhbipianka and fish of beef rondón. Will start at 11 AM along theatrical presentations form the Moravian Church and a Miskito musical concert preformed by Wangki Maklala (River Lizards).

Concert: The last activity will be a concert performed by the group Caribbean Taste from Bluefields. Reggae, Calipso and May Pole which will be the main musical genres presented. Entrance fee is C$40 and dates are May 24 at 7 PM.

Mateo Collins, FURCA executive director and Susana Markey (known as Mama Tara or Kupia Tara), Miskit civil Leader in Waspam, thanked the cultural projection promotion that has been given by this event. They extend the invitation to all people to get to know ancient Caribbean cultures and their relation and respect towards mother nature. This last statement regarding the colonos invasion conflicts at Bosawás Biosphere, considered as the home of multiple Miskito communities.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili