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Destinos con Sabor reaches Boaco and Chontales

Roberto Rosales Castillo | May 12, 2013

The specialties included in the wide menu from the central region are beef cuts. | Photographer: Roberto Rosales Castillo

INTUR selects 5 restaurants from 2 central regions for the improvements program.

“Al toro por los cuernos” (catch the bull by the horns), is INTUR's promotional material to describe the central region of Nicaragua, specially Boaco and Chontales. Within this promotional process, “Destinos con Sabor” (Destinations with flavor) program was officially launched on this region and assisted 5 establishments.

Guests during launching
The program launching took place at “La Hacienda” restaurant in Juigalpa. Different city hall representatives from Boaco and Chontales as well as the INTUR's institutional presence and local entrepreneurs assisted to the event. Many opinions about the program were shared in addition to gastronomic samples of this area.

The “Destinos con Sabor” program is about improving capacities found in the gastronomic sector through a certification process, and eventually, funding to make a progress in quality, hygiene and production. Chef Nelson Porta, in charge of the evaluation committee, assured that the program seeks to make improvements in establishments to assist tourists needs and promote quality as a shared commitment, assuming mutual responsibility among entrepreneurs and INTUR.

Marvin Salgado, owner of “El Mirador” restaurant in San Lorenzo and beneficiary of the program, thanked INTUR for bringing Destinos con Sabor to the central region of the country. As well, Salgado highlighted the program's significance to improve quality standards. Other assisted restaurants found at the event were Alpino restaurant from Boaco, La Hacienda and Quintanilla restaurants from Juigalpa.

INTURs program launching in Juigalpa.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili