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Nicaragua Diseña 2013

Vanessa Aragón | May 14, 2013

Mayra Salinas and Shantall Lacayo during the lunch conference. | Photographer: Olga Ortiz Kurashvili

Registrations are open for the second edition of the design and fashion event directed by Shantall Lacayo.

The notice call for Nicaragua Diseña 2013 (Nicaragua Design) was announced yesterday in the Crowne Plaza Hotel with the participation of INTUR's exectuive president, Mayra Salinas along the distinguished Nicaraguan international designer and entrepreneur Shantall Lacayo.

“Nicaragua Diseña is an event dedicated to the support, promotion and stimulation of national creativity. It main purpose is to attract potential purchasers of national products”, assured Mayra Salinas.

This initiative is a collaboration from the Nicaraguan Government through INTUR and coordinated, directed and produced alongside Diseños Shantall Lacayo S.A.

The objective: awake creative conscience among Nicaraguan youth by creating a space for the new generation of artists and designers capable to compete with existent products -high standard products and art-, present projects and interact with other national or regional members of the industry.
The official invitation for the event began yesterday, Monday May, 13 and concludes on June 20, 2013 at 6 PM. The event will be held on August 3 and 4, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza's convention center.

Different design ranges such as trendy clothes, accessories (jewelry, shoes, leather goods), art (graffiti, painting, sculpture, photography), applied arts (architecture, garden), furniture, interior design, innovative objects, digital designs (illustration, digital publicity, editorial design and textile development), contemporary art and new categories as gastronomy and audiovisual design (films and video).

'Principal evaluation topic: creativity and originality'. 'The effort has been significant, creative and we have enough time working. Nicaraguan artists working on the categories mentioned are welcomed to participate', stated the designer Shantall Lacayo.

Nicaragua Diseña 2013 Image
The call began yesterday and will conclude on June, 10 at 6 PM. Woman or man, Nicaraguan and over 16 years old can apply. The selected person will be the event image and will head the campaign for web site, national, international and social media. For applying address to Atelier Diseños Shantall Lacayo with your portfolio and be sure to promote the national art and design.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili