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Bluefields dances with the rhythm of May Pole and Tululu

Arquimedes Hernández | May 22, 2013

One of the oldest dancing groups during the Maypole festival. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

Main days of May ancestral afro-Caribbean celebrations will be celebrated soon.

With the sound of drums, the city of Bluefields celebrates with dances, flavors and colors two of its most important dates: the Maypole parade and Tululu. These celebrations are part of the popular culture and represent the main basis of the idiosyncrasies of Creole people, as a fundamental part of their ancestral traditions; the activities start from the early days in May, with artistic expressions that represent the culture and identity of African descent.

This year the mayor of Bluefields, the Niaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR) and other institutions, organized several various activities to promote these celebrations. As the tradition dictates, on Saturday May 25th will take place the traditional tour of the colorful and active neighborhood parades, accompanied by the beautiful candidates of Miss May, culminating with the election of Miss May 2013 at Reyes Park.

According to the program of activities provided by INTUR, there’s schedule a Cultural Fair where you can enjoy the traditional food from Bluefields, the sale and exhibition of local handicraft and a variety of cultural performances from the area. All this activities will take place on May 26th at the street of the Regional Council and the Reyes Park starting from 9:00 AM.

The celebration will end on May 31st at the neighborhoods of Old Back and Punta Fria, with the famous and sensual dance of Tululu, an ancient tradition celebrated by the Afro-Caribbean’s in honor to Mother Earth and fertility. Note that these traditions are still an important part of several communities in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) of Nicaragua, however the place where you can see it the most is Bluefields.

As part of these celebrations, Maypole dances have been organized in different neighborhoods around the city as well as canoes competitions, food festivals and performances. There is also schedule a contest for the best Maypole song on Thursday 23rd at 04:00 p.m, and the traditional costume presentation of the candidates for Miss May 2013 at Kings Park on Friday 24th at 5:00 PM.

This year the festival is consecrated to the local historian Hugo Sujo, for his important and valuable contribution to the culture and preservation of this celebration. According to his research, it is clear that the tradition of Maypole came from the Caribbean Coast of England, through its main British colony in the Caribbean: Jamaica, who kept a close communication with the kingdom of Mosquitia since 1655.

Georgina, Miss Mayo 2012

Translated by Cynthia Cordero