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The film "The Broken Screen" its a wrap

Arquimedes Hernández | May 28, 2013

The Broken Screen during the last filming day. | Photographer: Camila Films

Camila Films ends the filming of their new movie directed by Florence Jaugey.

Despite of the great challenges and what working in films means in Nicaragua, Camila Films ended shooting his new film "The Broken Screen" (La pantalla rota), directed by Florence Jaguey. This group of intrepid young actors has achieved the first phase of the film; now the producer is getting ready for the post production phase, in order to release the film during the first months of 2014.

The drama of the film starts when a video is spread through social networks, after Alex loses his cellphone where he recorded a video of him and Esperanza making love. The film addresses the issue of responsible use of new technologies, where youth is the center of action. This production aims to create awareness of youth.

Matagalpa and Managua were the main locations where the filming took place during April and May of this year. For the filming of the scenes more than 40 actors and 200 extras participated. Among international actors are Oscar Sinela from Spain, Paola Baldión from Colombia; and the featured participation of Roberto Guillén from Nicaragua, Salvador Espinoza, María Esther López, Fanny Vado and Lucero Millán.

The technical team was integrated by 30 people from Nicaragua, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras and México. This pioneering effort, during its first phase, was supported by Movistar, Cervecería Nacional and Casa Pellas, the embassy of Spain and the United States, Swizz Cooperation in Central America and others. There was also a fund-raising campaign called crowdfunding which, according to Florence, didn't generate much money because it's still something new in Nicaragua.

For the French Director, this is her second film in Nicaragua, and she says that "to work on the film industry in Nicaragua you have to be crazy or stubborn". Despite of this, Jaugey says she’s happy to be able to conclude the first phase of this project and also to be able to work with actors that were committed and consistent in every scene. This first phase had an approximate cost of more than $ 100,000.

Now begins a new challenge for The Broken Screen: they need money to do the post production work and reach the big screen. Jaugey is planning to apply to international founding and to request the support of the private sector and the State of Nicaragua, to be able to present her production. He hopes that the public will like her movie and that all the actors and actresses can receive benefits from this job.

Paola Baldion and the production team in a street in Matagalpa city.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero