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Costa Rican visual art in Ruben Dario National Theater

Arquimedes Hernández | Jun 3, 2013

Costa Rican artists and Ramon Rodriguez. | Photographer: Olga Ortiz Kurashvili

Plastic artist establish cultural ties through an art exposition.

Young painters from the Circle of Emergent Artists from Costa Rica, present their artwork for the first time to the nicaraguan people in the Cristals Salon at the National Theatre Ruben Dario. The 7 plastic artists deal with topics like childhood, the environment and homelessness, using video art, painting and triptychs. The exhibition will consist of 42 pieces in total.

The art exhibition will be held from June 5th, until June 23rd starting at 09:00 a.m. and it will be free. To impress the public during the opening, 7 artists will work on a spontaneous artwork, so people can admire the work process and the techniques used, said Victor Ulloa, one of the young Costa Rican belonging to this group.

Erick Bustamante is another artist who will be showcasing artwork. For him, video art is a way to express all his feelings; this time he will present 3 videos: one on the news show and the other two on on uncertainties and reflections. We used to see just screens, and that is closer to the contemporary, and video art has the ability to gather design, sound, painting, it is an art where everything comes together, shared Bustamante to justify his decision for choosing this artistic technique.

For Ramon Rodríguez, Director of the National Theatre Ruben Dario,this exhibition is an effort to strengthen cultural relations, and especially to let the world know that Nicaragua is a country that promotes the culture of peace, he said during the press conference held today. This exhibition has been prepared since December last year, when two members of the group visited our country.

The support of this group of young people - which has just four years of existence - started from important projects that are been organized with cultural authorities from Costa Rica, announced Mr. Rodriguez. In addition, we have established direct relationships with artists, as part of the work performed by the National Theatre.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero