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Jinotega part of "Flavor Destinations"

Arquimedes Hernández | Jun 13, 2013

Fish, part of the gastronomic offer in mountainous Jinotega. | Photographer: Arquimides Hernández

Selected restaurants department will have better opportunities in the market.

Six restaurants in the well known "city of mist" Jinotega, were selected on Thursday June 13th by the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), to be part of the "Destinos con Sabor" (Flavor Destinations) programme. This project is conducted with the aim of developing culinary tourism in the cities of Nicaragua.

The presentation of the six local beneficiaries of the project was at the restaurant La Perrera:

  • Soda el Tico
  • La Terraza Café Lounge
  • Fish House
  • Restaurante Borbón del Hotel Café
  • Restaurante el Tico
  • Restaurante La Perrera

The participants of this activity were: Rosalpina Pineda, vice-mayor of Jinotega, the city delegate of INTUR, Otto Alexei González, Chef Nelson Porta and the Director of marketing and promotion from Intur, Ana Carolina García. Jinotega is the eleventh city chosen for this project.

Ana Carolina García, representative of INTUR mentioned that there are already 166 restaurants trained on food and security topics, and they are delivering a Brand Manual which explains how to make their business nationally and internationally known and how to promote it. All these are benefits from the program.

INTUR is still working on this project in other cities of our country, as restaurants has been inspected in Madriz and Nueva Segovia. Also, soon they will announce the chosen restaurants from the region of Managua, RAAS, Río San Juan and RAAN.

For the manager and owner of Hotel Café and Restaurante Borbón, Maria Teresa Altamirano, the initiative of the institution is a great incentive, since they got to visit all the restaurants in Jinotega to taste all their dishes; and from all the restaurants hers was one selected by her "Beef fillet with fine herbs".

With this project, Mrs. Altamirano is convinced they will have more visitors, and that Jinotega and its dishes will be more popular.

Restaurants owners and INTUR officials.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero