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National Tourism Convention Concluded in Chinandega

Arquimedes Hernández | Jul 8, 2013

The restored old railway station in Chinandega. | Photographer: Arquimides Hernández

In the event they discussed the progress of the tourism sector in the country, and the potential of the host city.

"Chinandega: Undiscovered Tourist Destination" is the slogan of the eleventh Tourism Convention which ended on friday afternoon. The event is held annually by the Tourism Commission of the National Assembly by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR) cameras and higher private sector companies. This time it was organized simultaneously with the Tourism and Handicraft Exhibition in the city of Chinandega, on his old Railway Station, located in the neighborhood of El Rosario.

Indalecio Pastora, Mayor of the city of Chinandega, welcomed all participants of the convention during the morning - Friday July 5 - highlighting the efforts, abilities and wishes of the organizers of the event. He also said he was proud of urban tourist destinations, rural and cultural attractions, architecture and gastronomy of this city on the west side of Nicaragua.

Bayardo Arce Castaño, advisor for economic and financial affairs of the republic residence, said on his speech that Nicaragua "is a tourist country", thus said the central government has worked on the incorporation of tourism as a cornerstone of their economic policies.

Among the achievements of the official policies, Arce said that progress has been developed with an institutional and permanent dialogue with the private sector, obtaining as a result the application of Law 306 incentive to the tourism industry, which exempt all the tourist investment on a 100%, the same way, with the approval of the Costa Law and surfing championships, the official said.

For the Deputy Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, president of the Tourism Commission of National Assembly, "on the railroad station sounds a whistle of a train, which invites all tourists from all parts of the world to know the attractions of a thriving Chinandega" words with which acknowledged the good tourism in this city, thanks to three key components:

  • Natural attractions
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Tourism infrastructure consisting of hotels and service.

At the conclusion of the tourism convention , executive president of the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR), Mayra Salinas, closed by acknowledging that on her opinion, this eleventh Tourism Convention has been the best they have ever had, thanks to the support and effort of the public - private partnership and the municipal government of that city.

Salinas called on all participants and all Nicaraguans in general, to know the destinations we have and assume them as values ​​of the country, claiming that only through projects and public policies Nicaragua can leave poverty; leaving behind traditional tourism for a new sustainable tourism with good environmental practices.

For next years convention, Mayra Salinas breakthrough that they will address the advantages and disadvantages of tourism restarts and progress of tourism in Nicaragua, because the goal is to keep growing; and as a result, conventions can be considered a place to learn more in depth the situation of local tourism, Salinas shared.

Miembros de la mesa de presídium en la Convención de Turismo

Translated by Cynthia Cordero