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17th International Festival of Theater, Monologues and More

Arquimedes Hernández | Jul 17, 2013

National and international artists will gathered in Managua, from July 24th until July 31st.

The theatre Justo Rufino Garay presents the "XVII International Festival of Theatre, Monologues, Dialogues and More ... Nicaragua 2013" to be held from July 24 until July 31st in Managua. This is one of the most important theater festivals of the year and will include the participation of Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Slovenia, Mexico and Spain, as well as prominent theater companies in our country. This year there will be also two exhibitions of graphic art.

Rene Medina, head of communications for this activity, reported that this is the first time that the festival will be dedicated to a foreign person; this time it is going to be in honor to Mr. Aristides Vargas, playwrights actor and artistic director of the theater group "Malayerba" of Ecuador, this, in order to have a broader regional vision in the recognition of talented artists from other countries. Mr. Vargas has also given valuable support to the Nicaraguan and Central American theater, said Medina.

The official tribute to Aristides Vargas will be held on July 26th at the Theatre Justo Rufino Garay, at 7:30 pm, where the Nicaraguan group will present the play "La Frontera" by the writer Laila Ripoll, with the direction of Lucero Millan in which will participate: René Medina and Jhosay Peralta: story of a young man who goes to another country looking for new opportunities in life, but also the story of intergenerational conflict between a young man who is tired of poverty and old grandfather who resists the grandson forget their past, their roots, their ancestors, their culture

The presentations of the XVII International Theatre Festival begins next Wednesday July 24th, at 7:30 pm, with the presentation of the group Malayerba of Ecuador, with the work "Instructions to embrace the air", the cost for each presentation is C$150. Additionally free concerts will be held in the Justo Rufino Garay cafeteria, as well as workshops that will benefit local artists, where they can interact with national and international groups involved in order to reflect, share experiences for mutual enrichment, it was reported in a press release.

There will be also free presentations at the Centro Cultural Batahola Norte, where the following plays will be presented:

  • “El Club del Clown” saturday July 27th, at 04:00 pm.
  • “Nuestra señora de las nubes” july 29th at 07:00 pm.
  • For more information visit the site: Events Calendar.

The international groups participating are:

  • Grupo de Teatro Malayerba, Ecuador.
  • Compañía Skuc Teatro, Eslovenia.
  • Núcleo de Experimentación Teatral (NET), Costa Rica.
  • Compañía Ron Lalá, España.
  • Acento Escénica, El Salvador.

The groups representing Nicaragua are:

  • Teatro Justo Rufino Garay.
  • Teatro de Títeres Guachipilín.
  • Compañía Teatral Campesina Tecum Umani.
  • Compañía de Payasos.
  • Teatro Experimental de la Universidad Centroamericana TEUCA.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero