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Book on Nicaraguan entrepreneurship for sale | Oct 19, 2006

In the month of September was published the book called “Éxito Emprendedor: Un Libro Para Triunfar” (successful daredevil: a book to triumph), the author Arnulfo Urrutia describes very motivating how to change the point of view of his readers. The book gives details about how current successful companies have been founded in Nicaragua, enriched by 22 interviews with involved daredevils.

The book costs C$100 córdobas and is for sale in Managua at Video Center and in the following bookstores: Hispamer, D´Leo and Rigoberto López Pérez. Interested wholesalers or bookstores in other places of the country, who want to commercialize the book, please call: 276-2105.

Arnolfo Urrutia, the author, is mastered in business administration and founder of the first page “Daredevils”, which is published in the Nicaraguan newspaper `El Nuevo Diario` since February 2002. The author is also director of the Instituto Tecno-Emprendedor Centroamericano (ITECA) (institution of tecno-daredevils in centralamerica).

Sergio Ramírez Mercado, a famous Nicaraguan writer, gave the following comment about the book:

The daredevils who appear on these pages are poets of keen imagination, able to make your mind fly and bring the fruits of your imagination into your hands. Like this I have seen them always in the chronics of Arnulfo Urrutio which I constantly read in El Nuevo Diario. I read them thinking of the time; the country had lost, destroying things which were already achieved. A country where the hypocrites have received more credibility than those who imagine. And between the destructive hypocrisy and the constructive imagination there has been developed a large cleavage. We know that by bitter experience.
But I read the chronics also with a lot of hope and joy. In these men and women, who imagine and who do not stop thinking about making the imagined world possible by working hard on it, there is a real hope and enthusiastic joy for the future of Nicaragua. They imagine in poetry and realize in prose what they are imagining.
The wealth of Nicaragua is in these minds and in these hands, who once multiplied make way for prosperity. They are real pioneers, who create opportunities and who do not just sit down and wait for it. And they know that the magnitude of one nation is not about the size which is initiated but about the constancy and faith which initiate it. It is putting bricks one about the other creating the walls of the house in which one day all of us will live in peace and prosperity.

Sergio Ramírez