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Redacción ViaNica | Aug 15, 2013

United Nations initiative awards the best global electronic content.

The Nicaraguan website has been nominated and has already passed the first round in the process of the World Summit Award (WSA), an international event which aims to select the most outstanding efforts of digital content creation in the world. Now ViaNica is part of a selected group of projects to be evaluated in late August by a Grand Jury in the city of Tallinn, Estonia. That jury will choose the 40 best projects, participating in October at the ceremony and WSA conference in the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

WSA is a United Nations initiative created at the World Summit on Information Society, and since 2003 is held twice a year. "The WSA promote smart content for smart people (...) it awards e-Content that contributes to a true knowledge society", states the website.

"Today, our world is entirely connected. We are surrounded by smart devices and applications for web and mobile phones are everywhere. But in an ocean of products and services, good e-content is hard to find. How do you know what really makes a difference? And how do local developers find a global stage?" is stated on the website to put in context the purpose of the awards. was nominated in the category of "e-Tourism & Culture" at the beginning of July by Alfredo Wilson, country expert of Nicaragua for the United Nations. Besides ViaNica, there are five projects nominated in Nicaragua in various categories. They are part of a total list of 461 projects from 87 different countries from all regions in the world.

This is the list of nominees, divided in 8 categories:

  • e-Government & Information Access
  • e-Health & Environment
  • e-Learning & Science
  • e-Entertainment & Gaming
  • e-Culture & Tourism
  • e-Media & Journalism
  • e-Business & Commerce
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment

During the early days of september, 5 winners per category will be announced. Those 40 winners will go to Sri Lanka, where the project will be announced in front of the invited participants of the Great Congress of the WSA, where a jury will choose in situ the Global Champions: a first winner for each category, which will be released in that ceremony.

"With the winners from World Summit Award in e-Content, Colombo will host the best digital producers, interaction designers and content developers from all around the world. They will demonstrate the richness and diversity of the content industries", said Peter Bruch, Chairman of the WSA in a press release.


World Summit Award Press Contact:
Christoph Seemann
Press and Communications Manager
World Summit Awards (WSA, WSA-mobile)