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All set for Expo Ometepe 2013

Arquimedes Hernández | Aug 20, 2013

Fair, presentations, sport competitions and cultural activities to celebrate Ometepe.

The executive chief of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), Mayra Salinas with the mayors of Moyogalpa and Altagracia, presented today at a press conference, the activities that will be taking place in Ometepe Expo 2013, which will be held on August 24th and 25th at Moyogalpa (in Municipal Square), to celebrate the third anniversary of the naming of the island as a Biosphere Reserve by the International Man and Biosphere program of Unesco.

Ometepe Expo 2013 will have the participation of 120 tourism students from 6 universities, expert presentations, a cultural fair and more. On Saturday 24th there will be talks about the conservation and proper management of the island, in the afternoon there will be a carnival of comparsas and traditions, and then the opening of the Ometepe Expo 2013, and at night there will be a concert by the singer Katia Cardenal and Rockonola.

On the 25th there will be a kayak tournament with the participation of 50 competitors and shows for the kids. In the afternoon, Fuzion 4 will present at the closing concert. The activities will be developed at different points of the city, but most of them will be at the Plaza Moyogalpa: located from the pier 5 blocks east and 1 block north.

For this year, INTUR wants to keep promoting different places and natural beauties of the island as a tourist destination internationally and nationally, and they have prepared activities as tourist map of the whole island, at key points such as the port of Altagracia and Moyogalpa. In these maps tourists will find information about tourism in Ometepe, said Mayra Salinas.

At the Fair, visitors will find 100 stands that will present local crafts and various local products. It also announced that it will be presenting a virtual tour, prepared in order to promote the tourism in Ometepe, and later will sent to international fairs for Ometepe promotion in different websites, highlighted Salinas.

There will be presentations about sustainable development and solid waste management on the island, which will be held at the fair and will be in charge of various government institutions and private companies.

The island of Ometepe, located in the Lake Nicaragua (Cocibolca), has natural beauty, including two beautiful volcanoes: Madera and Concepcion; beaches, Istián river-in which you can see different types of birds - San Ramon Waterfall, their estates and farms, the small peninsula known as Punta Jesús María, Charco Verde reserve-a beautiful lake with green water surrounded by forest-, and beautiful eye of water, with its affluent volcanic soil born.

The mayor of Altagracia, Orlando Mesa, said that the weekend is not only for celebration, but also to ratify the commitment to protect Mother Earth, remembering that the island is not only a landmark but a heritage and national pride, and that therefore we must maintain the status of Biosphere Reserve.

Expo Ometepe 2013 press conference

Translated by Cynthia Cordero