- Explore Nicaragua online enters Arroba de Oro contest | Oct 20, 2006

This website is participating in the so-called Nicaraguan ‘Arroba de Oro’ contest. From today until November 16 the public can cast their votes for the best Nicaraguan websites. This voting round, according to the organizers, counts for 50% of the requirement to continue to the next phase.

This website contest has 205 website participants in 16 different categories. The participants will be evaluated by 50 international experts with ample knowledge and experience in the field of website evaluations. Their decision will be the other 50% in the selection of the finalists, who will be announced on November 17.

Starting on November 24, the jury will continue the next phase of evaluations. Three websites will be selected per category, and they will be announced on November 29. The ceremony will take place on December 13 at the InterContinental Metrocentro Hotel.

The team of invites you to cast your vote in the Hotelería, Turismo y Restaurante category, where we are listed.

How to vote for

Visitors interested in voting for ViaNica can do so by following these steps:

Please note, the website is available in Spanish only, so we will include the original Spanish phrases.

1. Open the website of Arroba de Oro Nicaragua

2. Click on the red button at the bottom that says ‘Vota aquí’

3. You now have to register. Do so by clicking ‘Deseo Registrarme’ and filling in your e-mail address and personal information.

4. Check your email to get your password. Go back to the website and log in (by repeating step 2).

5. Enter the category of ‘Hotelería, Turismo y Restaurante’.

6. Go to the second page in this category to find (first website on the second row), and vote here!

We appreciate your vote, and we would like to ask you to pass along the news to people who might also be interested in voting in this contest.

Thanks for your support,

The ViaNica Team