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Cleanup day at lagoons, beaches and rivers of Nicaragua

Arquimedes Hernández | Sep 20, 2013

Cleanup Day 2013.

The participation of more than 6,000 volunteers is expected for the international cleanup day of coast.

Nicaragua will participate for the eighth time in the international initiative for cleaner seas under international coordination of the organization for the conservation of the oceans (Ocean Conservancy), held in more than 100 countries worldwide. Casares Beach, located an hour from the city of Diriamba, has been chosen for the inaugural event of the 2013 cleanup day in Nicaragua. The activity is coordinated by the organization Paso Pacifico and will be held on Saturday September 21st starting at 7:30 am.

The main objective of these activities is to address the problems of waste in the oceans, and raise awareness in the Nicaraguan population, since the main problem of Nicaragua in its beaches are plastic bottles. For the cleanup day, there are registered around 2,500 people, but the goal is 6,000 volunteers, said at a press conference Liza Gonzales, event coordinator and director of Paso Pacific.

For this first cleanup in Casares beach, 400 volunteers have confirmed their participation, but hopefully more people will join the event. For those interested in participating and supporting this initiative, can register as a volunteer to one of the cleaning activities being undertaken or enroll in some cleanup at a beach, river or lagoon in their community, in the website: so that organization - the day of the event - can provide the necessary materials for waste collection, said Liza Gonzales.

This year, the event will organiz for the first time an art contest "Art with sea debris", where participants can make any kind of artistic expression with the collected waste cleanups, reported Okke Bowwman, founder Quilombo Cultural center in Managua. The contest will be take place on September 21st at the opening of the cleanup day, and the inscriptions are open until October 15th. The best creations will be photographed and will be posted on a website, like those of other countries. In addition, prizes will be announced on facebook and twitter of Cultura Quilombo and Paso Oacífico, for more information write to: cultura.quilombo @ or

Kris McElwee, head of the economic department at the [[ U.S. Embassy said in a press conference that it is the first time his institution will participate in the cleanup day. McElwee also showed concern for the marine waste problem, since this situation is growing, and explained that to curb these problems the solution is to create awareness of the problem growth, it is evident that we have to act and for this there are simple solutions, as dumping garbage in place.

The places registered for the Pacific zone are:

Casares, La Boquita, Ostional, Asososca Lagoon, Marsella Beach, Guacalito, Xiloá Lagoon, Corinto, Juan Venado Island, Paso Caballos, Jiquiliste Beach, Ometepe Island, Chacocente, La Flor.

In the North zone of the country the places registered are: Coco river, Moyuá lagoon, Estelí river, Cañón de Somoto.

In the Center zone: Puerto Díaz and San Miguelito.

In the Caribbean there will be cleanups at Puerto Cabeza, Corn Island and Bluefields Bay.

Press conference about the event.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero