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La Espora organizes a conference and video demonstration | Oct 22, 2006

-The ‘La Espera’ Art School will organize a conference on Wednesday, October 25, titled "Breve revisión de materiales en video" (‘Brief revision of material on video’), led by the Mexican master Iván Edeza. On Friday, October 27, there will be a sample of videos of young Central American artists.

The conference is open to the public, free of charge. It will finish at 6.30 PM at the ‘Instituto de Historia de Nicaragua y Centro América (IHNC)’, located within the campus of the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA). This conference is part of a series of visual art activities organized by Espira / La Espora.

Regarding the conference, Patricia Belli from La Espora points out that ‘Iván Edeza is an artist with ample international recognition in the world of visual arts. As a coordinator of Casa Vecina in Mexico he has also developed communal projects.’

Edeza will also give a video training to young artists from Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador who are beginning to become recognized and who have been sponsored by La Espora. The results of this training will be presented at 6.30 PM on Friday, October 27, at the Códice Gallery in Los Robles, Managua. This presentation is also free of charge.