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Artistic demonstrations of poet and rebel grandparents

Arquimedes Hernández | Oct 21, 2013

Press conference about the CLAM festival. | Photographer: Arquimides Hernández

Seniors have prepared their first poetry festival in Managua.

The Literary Circle of the Elderly (CLAM), comprised by seniors, will celebrate the First Poetry Festival "Ruben Dario" for the Elderly, in honor to the doctor and poet Luis Vega Miranda, at the German Nicaraguan Library "Bertolt Brecht" on October 25th. "Our objective is to present our work and declare in open rebellion with the archaic concepts that condemn men and women who have contributed to the development of this country, to be called" old and useless elderly, "said Guillermo Baltodano , coordinator of CLAM at the news conference

"While we are seniors we work the poetry and develop the narrative, and as part of that work we have five books published, and we are in the process of finalizing our poetry anthology, in which authors from the Pacific and members of the Association of Caribbean Poets and Writers Nicaraguan "Anthony Campbell" have participated, explained Baltodano. During his two and a half years of foundation, CLAM members have participated in international poetry festivals such as the one of Granada, reading their poetic creations, CLAM coordinator said.

The poet Luis Vega Miranda said he was pretty excited to be the first poet to whom they dedicate the first festival of poetry of the Elderly. During his life, Vega has worked as a teacher, politician, poet and Anglican priesthood. This time the event has honored him for his path as poet. He already has 50 years in his literary life and 15 literary Anglican priestly life.

"CLAM is conformed by adults who decided not to stay resting at home and enjoying our retirement, but we are people who work and create poetry and fiction," said Vega. He also said that despite the age of the members of CLAM, everyone feels ‘’rebels’’ therefore they struggle to be recognized as active and independent, looking for a space to keep living an active life.

Markgee Garcia, Director of German Nicaraguan Library Nicaraguan "Bertolt Brect" said that for his institution the festival represents a strengthening of the relations between CLAMS and the library, and the realization of the event meets one of its objectives: to promote the love for reading. Garcia added that members of the Literary Circle of the Elderly have participated and collaborated in German library projects, such as "Grandparents storytelling", "Story time with Grandpa" and youth workshops.

For this event various activities have been prepared, like the presentation of a play, open mic, dance group presentations and presentation of the Managua Municipal Band, all these activities will start from 9:00 am on October 25th. The Library is located in Linda Vista, on the west side of the park (Managua).