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A mural that will never be at the Naional Theater

Arquimedes Hernández | Oct 23, 2013

Donaldo Aguirre and part of his work. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

Chalk drawings about black culture, a brief piece of Donaldo Aguirre.

The walls of the Salón de los Cristales at the Ruben Dario National Theatre became an ephemeral art mural. The artist Donaldo Aguirre is responsible for the white chalk drawings on a black wall, over 60 square meters for two and a half high, this artwork was titled "Sketch of a mural that will never be", and this coming November 2nd , day of the dead, the drawings will be erased by its creator and by all participants at 7:00 pm, according to the artist.

"Sketch of a mural that will never be" is the fifth individual exhibition of Donaldo Aguirre, an idea that bornt with the interest to experience changes and adjustments. This search took him eight years, and was a process in which the artist spent thinking about what to incorporate into his art. Aguirre explained to Aguirre that to create this work he had to experiment with various materials, until he discovered that the chalk was very docile, generous, and was molded to what he wanted to express.

The exhibition.
The theme of his work is black culture, which he claims to be lover. For Aguirre, as an artist, his work is a call to recognize black roots (African), from which we all are descendants, since he believes in the theory that early humans came from Africa. The scale of his work cost him sweat and effort, because of the size of the canvas he ended drawing with his fingers damaged, and had to keep working with their forearms in order to complete his work of art.

With this artistic proposal, Donaldo claims to have forgotten about colors and he started a discussion with himself by questioning the cost, the value of art. By erasing his drawings, the artist hopes to meet with feelings and questions that raise awareness in society, between those questions that resonant is: what have we done to restore the rights of artists and to raise their voices?, said Aguirre.

Donaldo's work also contains segments of poems of great writers that address black culture, from Nicaraguans and other nationalities, including: the Brazilian poet Shirley Campbell, Nicolas Guillen from Cuba, Dadie Bernard Ivory Coast, and from Nicaragua Indira Watson, Carlos Rigby and David McField.

The work "Sketch of a mural that will never be" is going to be open until November 2nd and it’s open to the public from monday to friday, starting at 09:00 a.m. at the Crystal Salon. The entrance is free.

A detail of the exhibition.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero