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Adal Ramones presents Monologue in Nicaragua

Róger Solórzano Canales | Nov 1, 2013

The National Theatre will host its first presentation in the country on November 29th.

“¿Quieren monólogo?” The renowned mexican comedian Adal Ramones, famous in Latin America for his ended program ‘’Otro Rollo’’, will be in Nicaragua for the first time on November 29th in the Main Hall of the Ruben Darío National Theatre (Managua), a presentation that is expected to be filled due to the popularity among the nicaraguan public, which he will delight with a monologue of three hours.

Ramones comes to the country as part of his international Monologue Tour 2013, thanks to the efforts of the national producer Cicamexsa. Isidro Gadea, director of the producer said that it took them two years to finally bring the artist to Nicaragua. Orlando Mendez, spokesman of the company said that the Mexican artist has been requested for the nicaraguan public, and he will provide a fun show with his stories and experiences.

The show in National Theater will last about three hours, and will have a structure similar to what is already known by the program Otro Rollo, expressed Sergio Campos, from Adal Ramones office. The event was announced today in a conference at the theater. "Some time ago we saw the possibility of coming, Adal wanted to come. It is a blessing that now we can, "said Campos. He confirmed that they are planning to start again the program Otro Rollo.

Adal Ramone’s manager said that they are coordinating his agenda in Nicaragua, and there is a possibility that Adal will have a visit of humanitarian aid. Campos assure that they will evaluate the possibility of another presentation in Nicaragua. They are also considering which national artist will be in charge of the show’s opening, said Isidro Gadea from the producer.

The monologue starts at 8 PM and the costs are: US$65 platea, US$55 first balcony, US$35second balcony and US$25 third balcony.

Adal Ramones monologue video at Otro Rollo.

Press Conference.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero