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CANATUR launches International Tourism Fair 2014

Róger Solórzano Canales | Nov 27, 2013

It will take place on April 25 and 26 of next year, and they expect 150 local companies and 50 foreign wholesalers.

The fifth edition of the International Tourism Fair in Nicaragua has already a date and has opened the registration for national tourism initiatives who wants to reserve a space and participate in late April 2014. Its organizers are always the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR), the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR) and the company AC Events. They have indicated that they expect the visit of 50 tourism wholesalers from North America, Europe, South America and other parts of the world.

The fair was announced yesterday during a press conference in Managua. Sylvia de Levy, CANATUR president, said they have decided to present the fair with enough time in advanced so national companies have plenty of time to prepare themselves, to plan the participation costs and the participation of their brands and stand services, to receive the wholesalers and the public.

The first day of the fair will be on Friday April 25th, where a private event will take place as in past years, with the participation of national panelists and international wholesalers companies. That day, the national companies will present their services and local touristic attractions to the wholesalers, whom will be able to consider to include them on their catalogs where they sell touristic products on their more influential markets. During the next 3 days, the wholesalers will visit different touristic destinations in Nicaragua to gain more first hand experience.

The second day --Saturday April 26th-- the event opens for all the public, to present them the offers, attractions and topics that are going to be presented. Organizers expect more than 150 companies and initiatives from the whole country. That will be the closing day of the fair.

Mayra Salinas, INTUR president, highlighted the importance of this kind of bussineses encounters, since ‘’it is an extraordinary mechanism for promoting their offers, so national companies can get to know personally’’, she said.

The initiatives interested can contact CANATUR or AC Events to know more details and make their reservations at the fair.

FENITUR had it’s first edition on 2010 and it has been organized year after year since then. According to Sylvia de Levy, the participation of private companies and wholesalers has been:

  • 2010: 128 speakers y 24 wholesalers.
  • 2011: 115 speakers y 33 wholesalers.
  • 2012: 100 speakers y 33 wholesalers.
  • 2013: 120 speakers y 46 wholesalers.

CANATUR and INTUR authorities during the FENITUR 2014 announcement.

Translated by Cynthia Cordero