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Dance Company of Central America and the Caribbean in Nicaragua

Róger Solórzano Canales | Jan 14, 2014

Artists of CODACA. Photo by Miguel Servellon.

Presentation of the artistic encounter that gathers contemporary dancers of the region.

The spirit of seeking the regional unity of Central America and the Caribbean may be appreciated in the international show of contemporary dance 'Otros mares', preformed by the newly created Dance Company of Central America and the Caribbean (CODACA). The dance company is composed of 14 dancers of the region. The play will be presented today in Granada at La Casa de los Tres Mundos and on Thursday, January, 16 in the main hall of the Rubén Darío National Theater.

With a choreography of the German-Scot professor Mark Sieczkarek and the performance of distinguished artists from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá and Dominican Republic, the play is a mix of cultures that catches the interest of the audience with a special style in contact with the environment, expressed Karol Marenco, artistic director of CODACA and director of the National Dance Company of El Salvador.

Today's presentantion in Granada will be at 7 PM at the Casa de los Tres Mundos. The entrance is voluntary.

In Managua, the show will be at 7 Pm at the Main Hall of the Rubén Darío National Theater. Prices starting at C$150 for the lower seating and first balcony, C$100 for the second balcony and C$80 for the third. The Danza Contemporánea de Cámara de Nicaragua will open the presentation with the play 'Al límite', choreographed by Katia Argüello and directed by Gloria Bacon.

CODACA already made performances the past month in San Salvador and San Pedro Sula (Honduras). After these presentations, the audience left the place full of energies and motivated, explained Karol Marenco. Karol, along the organizing team, expect to repeat the international tour annually. After their presentation in Nicaragua, the company will visit some countries of the South and the Caribbean.

Kohar Peñalba, director of the German-Nicaraguan Cultural Initiative, explained that CODACA was born last year thanks to the support of the Goethe-Institut Mexiko (German Institute of Culture in Mexico) and the funding of the Central American Integration System with funds of Taiwán. The initiative has been developed by the professors Gloria Bacon (Nicaragua), Lucía Armas (Guatemala), Karol Marenco (El Salvador), Estela Paz (Honduras), Vicky Cortés (Costa Rica), Edmundo Poy (Dominican Republic) and Omaris Mariñas (Panamá).

CODACA, Ramón Rodriguez, Gloria Bacon and Kohar Peñalba in the National Theater

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili