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Emerge Project leading new music from Nicaragua

Róger Solórzano Canales | Jan 15, 2014

Mario Ruiz, coordinator of Emerge, during the interview. | Photographer: Olga Ortiz Kurashvili

Five newcomer bands will show their artistic work to the audience alongside popular bands.

New music produced in Nicaragua in genres like ska, alternative rock, indie, metal symphonic and jazz-funk will be available to the public thanks to Emerge Project; an initiative seeking to catapult and improve the skills of five new national bands through workshops and monthly free concerts with recognized bands and composers such as La Cuneta Son Machín, Milly Majuc, Carga Cerrada, Momotombo and Elsa Basil.

This dynamic began in December with a workshop based on concert management given by Xochilt Tapia from Saxo Productions plus a successful concert performed by Milly Majuc and Oriundos del Ocio, both from Masaya.

The new date is this Thursday January 23, when metal takes its turn with the presentation of Carga Cerrada and newcomer Excelsyum from Managua; Blunted Memories will be also playing. The concert will be held at the Spanish Cultural Center in Nicaragua CCEN at 7 PM, and the public will have access to a free shuttle that will depart at 6:30 PM at the School of Dance (in front of UNI), and return to the same point after the concert.

Emerge is in fact an initiative by CCEN, and all activities which are open to all public will be held at their central offices in Managua. Mario Ruiz, musician and project coordinator, told ViaNica all about the idea, which is to give a light to new musicians so the project can become a platform for all new quality bands as they arise and will continue to arise in the country. This first pilot of Emerge includes five concerts and three workshops and expects to play again next year.

Next workshop will be held on February 19 given by the Nicaraguan arranger and composer Rubén Mojica, who has collaborated with international musicians like Miguel Bosé and Ricardo Arjona. Mojica will give out talks to new bands and the public about composition and current music. The next workshop will be taught by Elsa Castillo and Salvador Espinoza.

Emerge’s program:

  • Oriundos del Ocio (free ska funk) and Milly Majuc.
  • Excelsyum (metal symphonic) and Carga Cerrada.
  • Rigby's (ska) and Momotombo.
  • Caviar (rock alternativo) and Elsa Basil.
  • No Policy (indie) and La Cuneta Son Machín.

Translated by Vanessa Aragón