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Rural, community-based tourism guide published | Oct 26, 2006

On Thursday, October 26, the guide titled 'Turismo Rural Comunitario' (Rural, community-based tourism) was officially launched for sale. This guide includes information of 40 rural destinations throughout Nicaragua, where visitors can enjoy the services of farmer families, agricultural cooperatives, indigenous communities, artisan associations, and others.

The guide, published by the Luciérnaga foundation, is printed as a paperback and it contains 241 pages. Readers will find extensive descriptions of the different initiatives and the services that they are offering, in addition to photographs and complementary data like attractions that are located close by and tips on how to get to the destination.

Different zones are described in the publication, including the northern area (Nueva Segovia, Estelí, Matagalpa, and Jinotega), the western part (León and Chinandega), the southern part (Managua, Masaya, Granada, and Rivas), and the Caribbean Coast (RAAN and RAAS).

The 'Guía de Turismo Rural Comunitario' can be obtained from the Luciérnaga Foundation, at the Faculty of Sustainable Tourism at the UNAN in Managua, at several tour operators, and at the El Parnaso and Hispamer libraries. The price is US$13.

The official announcement of the guide took place at 5 PM on Wednesday, October 25, in the reading room of the Salomón de la Selva Library at the UNAN in Managua. The guide was presented by the Luciérnaga Foundation, the Sustainable Tourism Faculty from the university, and its two authors: Helena Gil and Leonor Delgado.