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'Lubaraun' premieres in Pearl Lagoon | Feb 7, 2014

Taken from documentary "Lubaraun"

1st screening of the documentary "The Black Creoles" about the Garifuna culture

"Lubaraun" created to reconstruct and understand the identity of the Garifuna culture, will have its world premiere this February 8 in the community of Orinoco Garifuna capital of Nicaragua, located northeast of Laguna de Perlas southern Caribbean.

Its name means "to encounter with" and aims to promote the emergence of Caribbean culture as well as the Pacific’s, remembering that the Garifuna culture was declared by Unesco intangible heritage of humanity. José María Álvarez de Luna Films explains, " the aim is to leave that identity in the minds of the Nicaraguan and find out that we are part of it too."

It features four characters who express their customs, knowledge or what they are, among settings through Honduras and Nicaragua. It has been filmed in the native language of his interviewees: Creole and Garifuna, but the screen also offers subtitles in Spanish and English. "The aspect of language is very important because by the time they arrived in Nicaragua many Garifuna lost their mother tongue." Alvarez emphasized.

According to Martha Clarissa Hernández, one of its authors, "Lubaraun" was born to complete the project "The Black Creole" due to the amount of information and different stories that were still left to tell. "The Caribbean itself is a culture with a lot of unknown aspects and the film functions as a vehicle of communication and emotional, ancestral and historical connection to this culture," argues Alvarez.

The documentary had a special presentation before at the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution Washington, USA to professionals interested in rescuing this culture.