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Another turtle arrival at La Flor | Oct 27, 2006

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Yesterday night, Thursday, October 26, a total of 1,059 Olive Ridley Turtles arrived at the La Flor beach to lay eggs. Massive turtle arrivals are expected for the coming 4 nights, according to reports from the Cocibolca Foundation (the organization managing the reserve).

This massive turtle arrival, also referred to as 'arribada', is the second one in October, and it is a great moment for people interested in this natural phenomenon to visit the beach and observe this beautiful event. The number of turtles arriving at the beach will start to decrease on Monday, October 30 according the estimations of experts.

The Cocibolca Foundation reported that the water level of the river that crosses the road to La Flor is currently rather low, making the beach easily accessible in a high-clearance vehicle.

The La Flor beach, located south of San Juan del Sur in Rivas, can be reached by taking a gravel road to El Ostianal, right before entering the town of San Juan del Sur. For more information, contact the Cocibolca Foundation.