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Rowing boat competition to promote ecoturism

Róger Solórzano Canales | Feb 15, 2014

Public and private institutions celebrate flashy competitions in traditional boat in Corinto and Tipitapa.

The rowing boat, the traditional and old way of transportation over rivers and seas of Nicaragua, will be the main competition tomorrow Sunday February 16th in the town of Paso Caballos, Corinto (Chinandega) and the entrance of the Tipitapa River, Tipitapa (Managua). There, the fisher and local people who own a boat are going to show their skills against extreme athletes to win the competitions.

Both competitions have been prepared by private business with the support of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), the local major halls, the Volcanos and Colonial Route project managed by the Europe Union and other sponsors.

In Corinto the activity will begin at 9:00 am in the old bridge Paso Caballos area, in the city entrance. There the organizers set an area for the rowing boat competitions, also kayak and stand up (paddle surf). There is also another competition for kids in sport fishing, and an Environment and Production Fair where there is going to be a presentation about the wetlands and agricultural wealth of the region.

The title for this event is “First Tournament of Popular Rowing Nicaragua Extreme”, and the lemma is “Protecting the wetlands”, because it was the international day of the Wetlands on February 2nd. This event is organized by the producer Heluza and directed by the filmmaker and journalist Heydi Salazar, with the local people in Corinto. They expect the participation of 200 boats in this competition according to the local coordinators.

In Tipitapa the event also begins at 9:00 am in the Tipitapa River entrance, in the Xolotlán Lake. There will compete local people and visitors from the community San Francisco Libre and Mateare. Also there will be activities for the family and food tasting. Here the event is known as “Ecologic Contest of Rowing Boats” and is being taken care of the town hall and INTUR.
Both events try to benefit the area where they are being develop, as emerging activities of tourism attractive for national and foreigners

Here’s a map of the activity in Corinto: