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ViaNica opens their new headoffice in Managua

Redacción ViaNica | Mar 5, 2014

This is the actual front of ViaNicas La Runga Office in Managua. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

Our project has finally achieved to build its own home: office "La Runga" in the capital city.

The Nicaraguan website, has reached 9 years of existence. And our professional and enthusiastic team that has been behind operations can now enjoy their own place thanks to the construction of the head office "La Runga" in Managua, located in the old city center.

Although there is still some work to be done (a little decoration on the glass front, a lick of paint here and there, place some work items, and undo boxes full of papers) we the vianiqueras and vianiqueros employees are happy and very pleased to be able to receive everyone in our headquarters: clients, friends, visitors or social networks friends.

From here, we are constantly creating or updating content from different sections of the website, following up online reservations received from all over the world and responding to inquiries or comments sent on a daily basis by tourism initiatives, tourists in general, artists, environmental activists, cultural activists and other audiences.

Here you may get in contact with us via email, phone or even visits in order to:

  • Manage listings related to touristic initiatives.
  • Search for additional information and contacts that are not part of our website yet.
  • Consult offered services for online booking or verified the ones already made.
  • Share news events related to culture, nature and tourism in Nicaragua.
  • Other efforts related to our project.

Reparto San Antonio esquina L-135 (Las Palomeras).
De los semáforos de la Asamblea Nacional,
1 cuadra larga (sobre el Parque Zelaya) al Oeste,
1 cuadra al Norte.
Antigua Calle 15 de Septiembre and 5ta Avenida corner.
Coordinates: N0 12.151964, O 86.277127
Telephone: (505) 2264 6608
Cel phone: (505) 8561 3123

La Runga is a simple, practical space that was built with a strong foundation in line with the reality of the seismic zone of its location, which is crossed by several actives geological faults. It owes the name to the Nicaraguan slang word "runga" which originally meant "war", but today his meaning represents "hard work". For us, the work behind ViaNica in these past 9 years has been a real runga, and that's why we named it.

We also take this note to share with you that and La Runga are operated by a small and independent company called Viamerica SA, that was born out of an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to fulfill a productive and well done job for our Nicaragua.

Welcome all to "La Runga" of!

Our position in old Managua city center