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New Nicaraguan documentary on the big screen | Mar 12, 2014

Camila Documentary Films "School Days" will be displayed to Nicaraguan public as of March 13.

The Nicaraguan independent producer Camila Films, returns to cinemas to present his documentary "Day Class" to address the issue of rural education in western Nicaragua.
Known for working about local issues, the producers of The Yuma, this time created this documentary that depicts the 2012 school year of the school "The Urroces" a multigrade school beloinged to Fe y Alegría Rural Education in Nicaragua core, located at the foot of the volcano Cerro Negro in the town of Lechecuagos, León department.

"School Days" reflects the work of teachers who educate children of different ages and degrees in the same classroom, students learning and the daily life of rural people.
Jaugey Florence, director of the documentary "Days of class" believes that education is the master key to development, and yet is not a fair system.
Parallel to this projection, Camila Films and Cinemas Galleries will offer screenings for students in colleges and universities, so they can learn a bit more about a not so visible reality of the country and reflect on issues such as teen pregnancy, gangs, access to education, public transportation and human rights.

Watch the trailer here