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Sixth Rural, Community-Based Tourism Fair | Nov 2, 2006

The faculty of Sustainable Tourism at the UNAN-Managua University organizes the sixth Rural Community-Based Tourism fair on Friday, November 17 and Saturday, November 18. Various tourism initiatives that have been developed throughout the country will be presented, and a ‘Miss Ecotourism’ will be elected.

The event will take place from 9 AM until 5 PM on both days, in the central park of the campus, located at the eastern side of the principal entrance. The fair is organized by the UNAN-Managua, the Centro Universitario Regional Matagalpa, the NGO TECUILCAN, the Luciérnaga Foundation, the Nicaraguan Network of Rural, Community-Based Tourism, and the Network of Sustainable Tourism.

Visitors can learn more about different rural tourism possibilities at the different stands set up by students and the invitees. Typical food and drinks will also be offered, and guests can see the election of Miss Ecotourism. Visitors can furthermore try the ‘Macuá’, which is a drink that recently won the contest for National Drink (at the end of September of this year), wich name was proposed by Jennifer Godoy Aburto, studies at the faculty of Sustainable Tourism at this university.

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