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Oceanic cycling trip performed in Nicaragua | May 16, 2014

Participants of "Mountain Bike Tour Across America"

A 568 km cycling international tourist route was carried out.

Cyclists representatives of tour operators in Spain, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France traveled through Nicaragua from San Juan del Sur to Laguna de Perlas. The trip is called "Mountain Bike Tour Across America" a new international tourist route executed for the first time here this April 29 to May 9 with a total of 568 kilometers.

A bike rack oceanic journey that included three symbolic ceremonies in which they took water from the Pacific Ocean (San Juan del Sur), water from Lake Cocibolca (Granada) and water of the Caribbean Sea (Laguna de Perlas) now every international cycling carries an official bottle of the event to their countries as a special memento of Nicaragua and its commitment to promote sustainable tourism in our country.

Participants experienced the daily challenge of cycling between 50-70 miles including stops made ​​for craftsmen and landscapes of Nicaragua. "What I liked most is you, the Nicaraguans. Always have a smile, when people looked at us, said hello, some local came together with their bikes part of the way and it was fun", said Francois Xavier Gagnon, representing tour operators from Germany, Austra and Switzerland. Corey Meyer, U.S. representative said it was his first time in Latin America, "I felt the unity of the group, the landscapes are absolutely amazing and I am sure that our customers will like this tour a lot," he added.

The most important stations in the path of the "Mountain Bike Tour Across America" were San Juan del Sur, Granada, Cuapa, Greenfields, Laguna de Perlas, Bluefields, Managua. The creator and event planner Immanuel Zerger of Solentiname Tours said that the event had been a success and will be a proposal to repeat and promote Nicaragua from sustainable tourism.