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May Festival 2014 in Bluefields

Redacción ViaNica | May 23, 2014

Palo de Mayo danced by new and old generations. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

Closing this month will befall the most colorful events of Bluefield's celebration that began the first of May.

The Caribbean city of Bluefields celebrates these days its most important holidays of the year: the Palo de Mayo. In the last week of the month the traditional and massive parade of dance groups and floats from traditional neighborhoods this Wednesday May 28; and on the weekend will be held the massive and ancient dance Tululu on Saturday 31. Various other activities have been taking place and will take place on the next days, according to the culture office program of the municipal government and traditionalists organizers.

This weekend the Food Fair will be held in fronto of Parque de Reyes, where it will be possible to taste traditional dishes and drinks of Blufields culture. On Saturday there will be a canoes and paddles competition and the Palo de Mayo will be held at the Old Bank district. The Palo de Mayo is a neighborhood celebration with games for children, adults, cultural performances and community party atmosphere.

The Bluefields comparsas, an event full of rhythm and color, will start on Wednesday May 28th at 1:00 pm at the Obelisk. There, groups of the main neighborhoods will gather and parade through the main streets of the city to finish at Parque de Reyes, where it will be a big cultural event with music and dance artists, and the new Miss May 2014 will be crowned . See below video.

Finally, the activities will close the last day of the month with the celebration of the May Pole in the traditional neighborhood of Cotton Tree. From there will leave at 9:00 pm the Tululu Dance towards Pointeen, Beholdeen and Old Bank neighborhoods . This ancient dance is the spirit of the local festivals in celebration of fertility, and manifests as a massive and spontaneous rithm to Maypole on the streets, moving towards other traditional neighborhoods.

A comparsa moves through the streets of Bluefields.