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Native cuisine of Pearl Lagoon in a book

Róger Solórzano Canales | Dec 4, 2014

Jerry Bauer, Nuria Dixon and Allison Syleanne Cuthbert during the honorary award ceremony. | Photo courtesy of Tropical Forest Service.

Publication of the American author Vicki Basman is available to the public and has won an award.

One of the most interesting cultural elements of Pearl Lagoon, its native cuisine is the main story in the book entitled "Pearls from the Lagoon, short stories and recipes" (available in English). Written by American Vicki Basman, the publication describes along the recipes the experience lived by the author with the people of the community who gave her the culinary secrets disclosed in the book.

The book just won an honorary award from the National Association of Environmental Interpretation of the United States, which was delivered in Managua last November 24 to committee chaired by Jerry Bauer --director of the International Cooperation International Institute Office of Tropical Forest Service that country and producer of the book-- and Nuria Dixon, community leader of Laguna de Perlas and owner of the hotel and restaurant Queen Lobster.

With this award the book has become news again, after its publication in 2013, when it began to be purchased in North America. "Pearls from the Lagoon" can be now purchased in Nicaragua, in the offices of the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR), in Literato and Frontera Books stores --the three sites in Managua-- and the Queen Lobster in Southern Caribbean.

An interesting fact mentioned by Bauer and Dixon during the award ceremony in Managua is that book sales generates revolving funds aimed at training young’s from Laguna de Perlas. This dynamic has already yielded its first fruits with the training of Syleanne Cuthbert Allison Taylor and Norling Alvarez Hansack, local youth who received training at the National School of Hospitality in Managua thanks to the funds already accumulated with the sales of the book.

Pearl Lagoon is a town and municipality located in the Caribbean coastal area of the Autonomous Region of the South Atlantic. There diverse cultures as Kriol, the Garifuna, Miskito, Mestizo and other make up a particular idiosyncrasy. Part of it has been captured by Basman in his book, which began creating during a visit to the area, while offering workshops on sustainable tourism. It was there that the first launch of the book was given last year.

Translated by Vanessa Aragon