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Cold wave in Nicaragua | Nov 22, 2006

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An invasion of cold air from the northern part of the continent has caused a significant temperature drop in Nicaragua since yesterday night (Tuesday, November 21). According to the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) this weather phenomenon will continue until the weekend.

Today, Wednesday, November 22, INETER reported that minimum day temperatures came close to historical lows throughout the country. In some places, including León, Corinto (Chinandega), Juigalpa (Chontales) and San Carlos (Río San Juan) the temperatures even dropped below the historical lows.

The temperature drop was registered yesterday night, but it was not until today, early in the morning, that the cold wave was really felt. Comparing today's minimum day temperatures with yesterday's, a drop between 2°C and 8°C was reported throughout Nicaragua.

According to professor Milagros Castro, director of the Meteorology department at INETER, the temperatures will start to rise again on Friday and they will be back to normal on Saturday. Castro furthermore noted that this phenomenon is not expected to repeat itself in this month, but some similar event will probably take place in December or January.


Below follow two graphs depicting the recent temperature drop. The first graph shows the minimum daily temperatures measured at various weather stations throughout the country, and the second graph depicts the average minimum temperature of all of these stations.