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El Porvenir

(505) 2560 1461
(505) 8921 0637

Size:17 rooms
Region: Ometepe


  • Conference Room
  • Water tank
  • Generator
  • Internet
  • Natural Setting
  • Open 24/7
  • Private Parking
  • Meals served
  • Solar Power


  • Natural Reserve
  • Restaurants

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El Porvenir is located on the foot of the Maderas Volcano, away from the city and its noise. Here, the only thing around is nature and tranquility, which makes it a perfect place for resting and relaxing while enjoying the stunning views of the Concecpción Volcano.

Due to its magnificent location, visitors can climb the Maderas Volcano, hike to coffee farms, to the petroglyphs, to the viewpoint "Puerta del Cielo" (Heaven's Door) and to a small lake.

Moreover, El Porvenir offers additional services such as laundry, bike and horse rentals, board games, guides, telephone service,transportation, guided tours around the isle and a restaurant where tourist can try the local food and breakfast prepared with fresh fruits in season.

Other contact number: (505) 8851 7115.
These are approximate prices. Please contact the hotel for updated rates.

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Children up to age 7 stay for free.

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Surroundings Natural Reserve

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Daytripper: This Finka is really beautiful. Really green, clean rooms, great view at the conception and the lake - peaceful!
Minus points for the costs. Breakfasts cost US$ 5 (for example: Gallo Pinto with eggs, juice and coffee). Dinner and lunches are more expensive, drinks, too.) My advice: Stop on the way to the Finka at a store in Playa Santo Domingo and buy some food and drinks there, it is much cheaper, especially for your lunchbag for the hike to Manderas.
From the Finka you can start a hike on to Maderas and stop inbetween at a Mirador from where you have an incredible view on the lake, the island, the Conception and further. If you think you cannot make it all the way up to the crater lake, stay here and inhale the view - it is just breathtaking!

Sep 17, 2012

Sue Huff: El Porvenir is a lovely and peaceful play to stay with fabulous views and a tranquillo atmosphere. The staff are lovely people and the food is delicious, not haute cuisine but very nicely prepared. This hotel is for someone who wants something off the beaten path. The best part of our visit there is that it is rarely crowded and we meet the most interesting people there from all over the world. The hillside is full of rocks with petroglyphs and it is only a ten minute walk to the beach. you won't find the party crowd here unless a GAP tour is coming through and they usually only stay for a night. Activities and tour guides are available for hiking up the volcano, to the waterfalls, kayaking, or horse tours. If you are going to hike all the way up the volcano, you must wear proper clothing and have a local guide. The trail is easy below but can be treacherous above so be forewarned. We have been visiting El Porvenir twice a year for the past 5 years and don't stay anywhere else on the island,it is our favorite spot. The dining rooms are beautiful, and you can spend hammock time undisturbed with a book or be as active as you wish. Highly recommended!

May 12, 2012

marta: The Ometepe is one of the natural beauty of the world
I would considered this insland as one marvellos of the world, I wish I owned it.
marta L

Mar 15, 2008

Alllan: This place was fine, and I'd give it an 8 out of 10! The food was not bad at all and the coffee in the morning was almost as good as my own that I roast and grind myself here at home in Costa Rica. The coffee gets a 10 out of 10 if not higher, lol! All the staff there now, were great and very "buena gente", very friendly, courteous, and helpful in every way. The peace and quiet level was good, especially my last night, when most of the clients had left and there were only 2 other people there besides myself.

I plan to go back again after the rainy season starts because it was very dry and dusty when I was there just a few days ago. It is also close enough to walk to the beach, which I wasn't aware of because I arrived when it was dark and didn't see it.

Anyway, I really loved El Porvenir and would recommend it. I paid roughly $30 for 3 nights, meals, and tons of bottles of cold water.

Mar 10, 2008

Peter: Hi there,
this place is very quiet and peacefully with great views and a very nice garden around the rooms. The people they are working there are also very friendly and the rooms are o.k.!
But the food isn`t worth the price they take for (for example you will get a fruit plate for 3US$ and this "plate" is only a - little - handfull of fruit, half an orange, 6 pieces of banana and a few little pieces of pineapple, at the market you will pay for that less than 6 Cordobas!). So it works with the complete food! After travelling about 2 months in Nicaragua I have to tell that that is the badest price-performance-relation I`ve ever seen in totally Niaragua!

Jan 16, 2008

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