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Finca Neblina del Bosque

(505) 7519 5685


Capacity: 24 people
Region: Esteli


  • Internet
  • Natural Setting
  • Private Parking
  • Meals served
  • Solar Power


  • Lagoon
  • Natural Reserve

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Finca Neblina del Bosque offers a unique experience: get close and personal with everyday life on a working farm while enjoying luxury that until now has been unavailable in the wild and rustic Miraflor Reserve, located about 30 kilometers from the city of Esteli. Cabins rates include three meals per guest.

Sleep in bamboo cabins with panoramic views. Read on the porch under the light of solar power. Enjoy the vegetarian cuisine, all of which comes from the farm or the community nearby. Visitors will be in contact with horses, chickens, goats, pigs, a cat and a very friendly dog, and Edward and Isabel, a Nicaraguan/German couple.

There is WiFi internet in the comun area of the Finca, and mobil telehone signal by Movistar company.

This is a humid tropics place ideal for nature lover. In the finca you can see more than 100 species of flowers, in gardens visited by more than 40 species of birds, guardabarranco (Eumomota superciliosa), tangers, and quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) between them. Another significant factor in this nature area (1600 meters above sea level) is the presence of 70 species of edible mushrooms.

The farm offers the following services:

  • Professionally guided walks (US$20 per day)
  • Expeditions with biologists specializing in orchids and birds (US$30, the guide may accompany visitors from Esteli on reservation)
  • Horseback tours (US$12 per horse + US$20 guide)
  • Spanish classes(US$5 per hour, advise in advance)
  • Mushroom tour (US$35 per one person, if two or more $15 per person)
  • From January-March you can learn about the different types of organic coffee harvest, process and history at Edwinin´s farm nearby (US$5 per person; approximately 3 hours)
  • Spending the day at the Farm is for free.

Volunteers are welcome. Finca Neblina del bosque accepts up to two volunteers that must have studies or practical experience in organic farming and or teaching English! The minimum stay is two weeks.

How the find the farm:

Buses leave from the Cotran Norte Bus terminal in the city of Esteli at 6 AM, noon (except on Wednesday), 1:30 PM (except on Sunday) and 3.40 PM to Miraflor. Get off at the Rampla bus stop and walk 300m up the hill. Finca Neblina del Bosque is at the top of the hill on the right.

If you are driving, from Gasolinera Uno (once known as StarMart) in Estelí turn east into the road bound Yali until you get to the fork in the road, with an old house in between the two roads. Take a left and follow the same road to the " La Rampla" bus stop, then travel left uphill.


From Miraflor one can continue the journey by bus to Jinotega, San Rafael del Norte or Matagalpa via Yali at 7.40 AM. It is not necessary to return to Estelí to get there.

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