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Hotel Hacienda Mérida

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Quentin: This is not easy to go there because of the bad road (20$ in taxi, and only one bus per day) but this a really good place. The dorms are not amazing but cheap. and the rooms seemed to be very nice. The food is quite expensive as it is in the other hostel of the island but it is really really good. The owner are nice and do stuff for the environment and for local people.

Jan 09, 2013

Cynthia & Simon: Hacienda Merida is beautiful and calm, we really enjoy it. The food was delicious and you can tell the kitchen is clean. They do their part for the environement and the community and you can see it.
The owner and the staff were really helpful with a passeport problem we had and we will always be greatful for everything they did for us.
Cynthia & Simon

May 31, 2011

M Webb: I stayed here in May 2008 and cannot wait to return in 2010. I did not have the same experience as Isadora and have to say that if the dogs are fornicating - so what - don't look. And it could not be easier to lead a donkey from your table. I saw a few pigs and dogs none of which were near the dining area. I also stayed in the dorm and had no problems with privacy. If you want more privacy - stay in a Private Room. They do not advertise a stay in the in jungle. I found this place wonderful! The food was fresh and tasty. The beds were comfy and the place immaculate. The view of Conception from the dock is incredible. The host is freindly, helpful and geniunely working to make his community better for future generations. Luxury of accoms you will not find here in the Western sense - but if that is what you expect - why go?!!? I appreciate the honesty of the previous post but have to disagree...and I am counting the days until I jump from their dock into the beautiful lake under the silouettes of both Maderas and Conception!

Dec 09, 2009

Anna Maria Adamo: Although I am a regular visitor to Nicaragua and to Ometepe, it was not until this past weekend that I had the chance to stay at the Hotel Hacienda Merida for the first time. I loved it and with all respect, have to disagree with Isadora's very critical characterization of the Hacienda.

The walls are not made of plywood, though if the criticism is that the rooms are not soundproofed, that is correct. The walls, however, are wood paneled and quite sturdy. I had absolutely no problem with noise. Quiet time is quickly enforced between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., which is quite enough for most people.

There are approximately eight private rooms with private baths. Views of the lake from the front rooms are spectacular. The views in the back are of the surrounding trees and all rooms have an outdoor sitting area. I was in the back and loved the view from my shower - about five feet up from the floor the wall was screened in for a lovely view of the trees. I felt like I was showering in the jungle. My room was spacious and quite comfortable. The mosquito netting is the standard variety, and to my mind, unnecesary. There are also dorm rooms and camping available for those who need or desire less privacy.

The food is wonderful - healthy, plentiful morning and dinner buffets are offered - and both are very reasonably priced. There is a limited a la carte lunch menu. Service is friendly and the staff is quite capable. The wireless service is indeed excellent and the clientele is generally engaged, friendly, curious, adventurous and generally environmentally friendly.

The Hacienda's host is fluent in English, very attentive to his guests, an expert on the area and generous but not intrusive with his advice. He has a full range of guided programs as well as independent activities to suggest to visitors looking for things to do. The owner is also very active in the community, offering free English classes to local youth, promoting primary education, sustainable development and healthy eating habits while encouraging volunteerism in the community.

There were no dogs wandering around while I was there and most of the time the donkey was tethered some distance from the restaurant. When he was loosed briefly after breakfast and meandered over to the guests, he was quickly led away and tethered.

I would add that the island of Ometepe is a remote area in a developing country. The surroundings are beautiful and largely unspoiled. There is, however, a trade-off for this type of remote paradise. Guests should not go there expecting the same level of accommodation or service that they would expect - and pay dearly for - in a more developed, accessible part of the world. For those guests looking for adventure and who think the trade-off is worth the reward - clean, comfortable and more than adequate instead of luxury in exchange for unspoiled beauty and an other-world experience - I would highly recommend Nicaragua, Ometepe and the Hacienda Merida.

Jan 21, 2009

Miles: Hotel Hacienda Merida is a laid-back, relaxed inn on the shores of the lake in the rural outback of Omotepe. It offers a congenial place for backpackers, hikers, kayaking, etc. By no means high-end (the price reflects this), the rooms are comfortable. The staff is amenable and flexible to the needs of all its guests. The buffet dinner is quite good.

Our experience was a good one, meeting friendly travelers of all ages and enjoying this natural setting.

Jan 16, 2009