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Overall rating ****

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simple clean hostel with terrace in the village, run by friendly local owners

Jan 07, 2015

Trilce Enriquez: I went to this place that was supposed to make a night tour to the river to see caimans, but I was very disappointed since I didn´t get to see anything plus the boat broke down in the middle of the tour. I know that it´s not their fault if caimans didn´t show up that night, but at least they could warn the tourists about it. They talk to you as if it is 100% sure that you will get to see many of them from a very close spot, and if you´re lucky, they will even bring a small one inside the boat. I paid with only one friend of mine the price of a tour for 4 people because we really wanted to do this, and at the end they didn´t want to give us not even part of the money back because ¨it was a risk that we knew we would take¨ (we actually didn´t know it was a risk) So basically I paid for seeing the eyes of a couple of caimans from far away (according to the tour guide they were caimans, now I don´t know what to think) and a small lizard that I can see for free on any road in the country!!! On top of that, they told that I could wear any kind of clothes because I was going to be on the boat the whole time, but SURPRISE!!! As the caimans didn´t show up, the guide told us to get down to walk in the middle of the forest to try to find them and my shoes got ruined. When we came back to the town, the lady owner couldn´t even tell a good excuse, and she didn´t mention at all the problem with the boat. What a disappointing experience in spite of being in such a gorgeous place in Nicaragua!

Jul 22, 2012

Jackie: El Castillo is a unique town that is clean and charming. I stayed at Nena Lodge last year with my son who was 5 years old at the time. As a woman traveling with a small child, I felt very safe and comfortable staying at this lodge. We were able to go on some of the Adventure Tours and would recommend these tours to others. The owners, Obregon Bustos Family, promote ecotourism and do their best to make sure you have a great vacation. It feels good to have supported this hard working local family that is trying to make an honest living. The accommodations are basic and affortable. I would definitely stay at Nena Lodge & Tours again.

Jackie & Cameron from Florida, USA

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Sep 20, 2008