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Sheri peters: Dear MCT

We are sorry that you were disappointed in your experience at Finca del Sol. However, just to clarify - it is not unreasonable to ask you to pay for your accommodations or part there-of up front as we do not accept CC and are kind enough to honor your reservation. Many times (as was your case) without a prepaid deposit in order to secure it.

As for the breakfast we admit we cannot please everyone although we really do try with all of our breakfast made from scratch daily - we even bake our own bread. However if you did not like it, you should have just cancelled the rest and not came back a second day.. Hints do not work, and it is much better just to come out and say if something is bothering you rather than use the internet. We are adults here, and welcome all comments, how can we provide better service if nobody tells us when something is not up to their standard?

The people that tend to enjoy our place the most are looking for a quiet, relaxing place in Nature.
We are all that we say on our website - nothing more.... so if you are looking for something different - this is not the place.

If you are looking for Eco friendly, quiet, nature B&B -d just looking to get away from it all - then you will be happy in my opinion.
Written by Sheri - owner / Finca del Sol

May 30, 2013

MCT: I understand a lot of people like this place, but in the spirit of putting all perspectives out there for future travelers, we found this place to be WEIRD. You're asked for "just a small deposit, like $100" up front, and god help you if you even hint that you are not impressed by the breakfast. Apparently the omelettes are good, but the fruit salad had very little variety, was over-ripe and smushy, and the French Toast was definitely nothing to write home about. You may love your stay here, but if it feels weird there, you wouldn't be the first person to pick up on a strange vibe in the air.

Feb 15, 2013

jeremy mathis: Great experience.
They we're extremely knowledgeable on the area and more. The property was beautiful. We got a guide one day to hike the volcano and we left straight from behind the farm. Santa cruz is a nice town to go relax in. We rented bikes one day and rode down the beach to ojo de augua, highly recommend this. Over all my girlfriend and i thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. We plan on returning next time we are down that way!

Jun 05, 2012

Jackie Cronin: Friends who had earlier stayed here brought us and it is even more interesting than they had told us. It's exotic, but down-to-earth. The "cabins" are very lovely. with eco-friendly toilets such as we had never encountered before . The hosts are gracious and provided so much information about their agricultural projects on the property. Wish we could have stayed a few more days. Private, good food, uinbelievable butterflies. A place of dreams not to be missed.

Mar 06, 2012

DORILLO STEFANO: Posto incantevole !
Immerso nella foresta tropicale all'indice della pace e tranquillita'.
Paesaggio mozzafiato con difronte il vulcano Concecion e le folte foreste ancora abitate dalla fauna locale (SCIMMIE,AVVOLTOI,BOA,ecc.).
Durante la permanenza sarete assistiti per ogni necessita' da CRISTIANO e sua moglie CHERY
i creatori della FINCA del SOL in cui vivono da circa 8 anni .
Gli alloggi sono posti in punti panramici e allestiti in modo gradevole e funzionale.
Non perdetevi un soggiorno in questo posto incantato ,buon viaggio a tutti.STEFANO da Perugia

Feb 07, 2012